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Design with Purpose – Six Principles for Designing Technical Furniture

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Six Principles for Designing Technical Furniture

When making a decision about what furniture product makes the most sense for your project, consider the outcome. Does the piece need height adjustment for varying standing positions? Will it need to match the finish or architecture of the room? Are retractable cables for easy access to cable cubbies a requirement? Does the piece need to be compact to save space? Will it arrive on time ready for install?

The look, feel, and function of your AV furniture solution should always be considered for optimal performance.

Design your furniture with purpose so the deliverables are never questioned by remembering the following six principles.

SPEC IT OUT – A New Visual Way To Get To Know Marshall Furniture


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This spring, Marshall Furniture is launching a virtual video series called SPEC IT OUT. This venture will consist of short videos hosted on our YouTube page that cover a variety of topics related to sales, manufacturing, and engineering in order to provide users with a guide to all things Marshall Furniture.

Marshall Furniture launches a new video series SPEC IT OUT

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Marshall Furniture, an industry-leading manufacturer of custom audio visual furniture, is proud to announce SPEC IT OUT, a virtual, behind-the-scenes look into who they are, what they do, and what you should know.

SPEC IT OUT is a collection of videos illustrating the core of Marshall Furniture's 35- year expertise in designing and building Integration-Friendly Furniture ®. These short videos will cover a variety of topics related to sales, design, and manufacturing to provide users a valuable resource when specifying their products and services.

Marshall Furniture Announces Strategic Partnership With Cisco

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Marshall Furniture, an industry-leading manufacturer of custom audio visual furniture is proud to announce a partnership with Cisco, a worldwide leader in collaboration, networking, and cybersecurity solutions.

Cisco’s industry-leading Panorama Immersive Video Experience will be enhanced by Marshall Furniture’s more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing Integration-Friendly AV furniture.

The Versatility of the ELCO™-DUO Packs a One-Two Punch

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Marshall Furniture’s new ELCO™-DUO rack cabinet can be used as a storage solution or transformed into a distance learning video cart.

Finding an easy way to store equipment and other necessities in a way that fits seamlessly into a space is a chief concern among both customers and integrators. Our new ELCO™-DUO rack cabinet is the perfect solution, not only because it can be specified with your choice of three internal configurations, which includes 12 to 30 rack units, an adjustable shelf or space for third party rack, but also because it is cost-effective and has a fast lead time of 10-30 days.

What Sales Has Been Up To

Flower pots Flower pots

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During these trying times, it’s important to stay busy and keep yourself sane. Keep up with our sales team and what they’ve been doing during their time in quarantine.


Infocomm 2019 Recap

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Learn about all of the new products and eye-catching builds we had on display during our time attending Infomm 2019 in Orlando, FL.

Below is a recap of all the goodies we had on display in booth 1721 at the Infocomm show in Orlando, FL. This year, we were able to display several new products fresh off the assembly floor that are great solutions for integrators, architects and end users alike.

The ELCO™-ADA36: A Compact, Economical ADA Solution

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Marshall Furniture’s new ELCO™-ADA36 provides essential ADA accommodations for wheelchair accessibility in an easy-to-specify, cost-effective unit.

Ensuring a space adheres to ADA guidelines is an ever present concern among clientele. In response, customers are continuously searching for furniture solutions that will meet the guidelines set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act. We have been sensitive to this issue for some time and offer many custom options to fit these needs; however, we know that cost if of the essence. In response, we designed our new ELCO™-ADA36 lectern.

Economy Furniture with Architectural Flair


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Marshall Furniture's new ARCO™ style lecterns are pre-engineered to keep pricing low, lead times short and ordering simple. The ARCO™ style is perfect for projects that have a tight deadline and budget but still require a high-end, contemporary furniture solution.

The ARCO™ Series: Where AV, Simplicity and Design Merge


Easy-to-specify, stylish and affordable, Marshall Furniture’s ARCO™ products set a new standard for AV furniture.