Types of AV Furniture that Can Simplify Your Life

Custom Lecturn

Multi-purpose furniture is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Born of practicality, it is a space and money saving solution that comes in handy in homes and offices. As the age of technology continues to boom, many businesses require furnishings that meet the demands of their audio-visual needs. AV functional furniture provides a smart solution that makes office life more productive, increases employee satisfaction and makes a great impression on clients. Let’s explore some types of AV furniture that can simplify your life and help your business run more smoothly.

Custom Lecterns

A custom AV lectern provides speakers with the flexibility and capabilities that allow them to make their presentations seamless. Lecterns can be designed to feature different woods and finishes to provide a terrific aesthetic and they can be customized to suit your needs. An ADA lectern can be designed to accommodate all speakers.

Custom AV Credenza

An AV credenza can serve as both a stand and a storage space for equipment providing optimal multi-functionality in your home or office. A custom credenza can be manufactured to your specifications when it comes to size, shelf space, access holes, locks and other features. A low-profile credenza is a space saving piece that works well in any room.

Custom Conference Tables

Having access to devices is essential in a business meeting ensuring that all staff members and clients have the information they need at their fingertips. Conference tables are available in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes and finishes and they can be customized to your specifications. A video conference table makes telecommunicating easy while a collaboration table can be a great setting for you and your team to brainstorm ideas.

Custom AV Desk

When it comes to a custom AV desk, the possibilities are endless. A height adjust desk, or lift desk, can transform into stand up and sit-down designs to help boost your team’s efficiency and productivity. An ADA desk will suit the needs of all employees and clients.

AV Workstation

Perhaps the most multi-functional of all AV furnishings, the custom workstation can accommodate a computer driven presentation system while providing ample space for the presenter. A large, height adjust workstation can also be provided as an optimal solution for standing presentations. An ADA workstation will provide comfort for all speakers. Standard locking doors, rear access to equipment and ventilation are features to look for in workstation design.

If you are looking for AV furnishings that are suited to your needs, Marshall Furniture has the solutions that are right for you. Our innate understanding of the relationship between architecture and technology helps us design products that are meant to suit the needs of modern business. We provide a wide range of products including AV desks, lecterns, workstations conference tables and more.

AV furniture is the wave of the new generation. What products will you be using to simplify your life?