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SPEC IT OUT – A New Visual Way To Get To Know Marshall Furniture


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This spring, Marshall Furniture is launching a virtual video series called SPEC IT OUT. This venture will consist of short videos hosted on our YouTube page that cover a variety of topics related to sales, manufacturing, and engineering in order to provide users with a guide to all things Marshall Furniture.

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What Sales Has Been Up To

Flower pots Flower pots

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During these trying times, it’s important to stay busy and keep yourself sane. Keep up with our sales team and what they’ve been doing during their time in quarantine.

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Economy Furniture with Architectural Flair


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Marshall Furniture's new ARCO™ style lecterns are pre-engineered to keep pricing low, lead times short and ordering simple. The ARCO™ style is perfect for projects that have a tight deadline and budget but still require a high-end, contemporary furniture solution.

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