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Economy Furniture with Architectural Flair


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Marshall Furniture's new ARCO™ style lecterns are pre-engineered to keep pricing low, lead times short and ordering simple. The ARCO™ style is perfect for projects that have a tight deadline and budget but still require a high-end, contemporary furniture solution.

It features an economical body and architecturally stylish attached paneling. The foundation of the ARCO™ series is an implementation of both integrator and architect expectations in one cohesive unit. On the one hand, the pre-engineered shell is ideal for instances where the AV installation needs to be completed quickly. In these types of situations, the body can be shipped ahead of the architectural paneling for equipment integration. On the other hand, designers, architects and customers are able to control the material and finish of the attached panels to ensure the piece fits project expectations. Furthermore, the overall design can be customized by choosing from several sizes, various interior configurations and specific add-on options and by specifying small equipment surface cut outs as needed.

A drop leaf shelf was added along with cable reservoir and clock timer

ARCO-2525M with Black Melamine Body & Slate Gray Panels

ARCO-2525M with AL-KS14 interior configuration

To start, each ARCO™ unit comes standard with what is referred to as the “body.” This is the main structure that holds the unit together. The body can be specified in two sizes and colors: 25” wide or 32” wide and Slate Gray or Black melamine. By constraining the features of the body shape, size and color, each variation is pre-engineered and ready to be built and shipped within 5 business days. Because the body can ship early, there are two shipping options: body only or complete unit. Based on the timeline of each project, dealers can choose whether to request the body be shipped right away so they can begin loading their equipment or wait until the unit is completely built with paneling attached.

ARCO-2525M with Black Melamine Body & Walnut Melamine Panels

ARCO-3230 with Black Melamine Body & Walnut Melamine Panels

With that being said, if users opt to have a complete unit upon arrival, the lead time for each individual order is dictated by the panel material chosen. Architectural paneling is available in your choice of melamine, wood veneer, plastic laminate or paint grade. Each of these materials also impacts cost. We stock 13 melamine colors and 23 wood veneer finish choices. Otherwise, any commercially available plastic laminate or paint can be requested. From there, the product can ship within 10 business days if any of our standard melamine colors are specified or 4-6 weeks in wood veneer, laminate or paint grade.  

The ARCO™ lectern has up to six internal configurations that have some combination of a keyboard shelf, adjustable shelf, storage space and fixed rack. All ARCO™ lecterns come with a pair of soft close standard locking doors to match the body finish but, for an additional charge, they can be upgraded to match the architectural paneling instead or to include a vent or glass inlay. ARCO™ lecterns come standard with a locking removable access panel, regardless of interior configuration, along with ventilation, floor cable pass, locking swivel casters and a notched base for air intake and cord clearance.

ARCO-2525L with Slate Gray Melamine Body & Mazagran Laminate Panels (with upgraded doors)
ARCO-2525M with Slate Gray Melamine Body & Slate Gray Melamine Panels


ARCO-2525W with Slate Gray Melamine Body & Classic Walnut Panels

The ARCO™ body is pre-engineered with a variety of anticipatory cut outs to accommodate specific add-on options. For example, both sides of the body have holes for a single or dual drop leaf installation. Inside, the floor of the body includes two holes. Both can be used as cable passage or users can opt to include a cooling fan over one. Additionally, holes are included near the top on both sides for one or two exhaust fans or grommets to be installed. From there, cut outs can be made for a clock timer, halogen light, AC-USB outlets, cable reservoir and monitor arm. A custom logo is also an available option.

Just like any of our other products, ARCO™ lecterns are covered by our 10 year warranty and are integration-friendly. Pieces are easy to specify and perfect for a variety of applications. The simple, clean lines of its framed panel design fit into any contemporary setting and its low-price point is ideal for any project. If you would like more information or have any questions, please call 847-395-9350 or send us an email. Our knowledgeable sales team is ready to help you design the perfect ARCO™ unit for your space.