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SPEC IT OUT – A New Visual Way To Get To Know Marshall Furniture


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This spring, Marshall Furniture is launching a virtual video series called SPEC IT OUT. This venture will consist of short videos hosted on our YouTube page that cover a variety of topics related to sales, manufacturing, and engineering in order to provide users with a guide to all things Marshall Furniture.

As an accompaniment to our video submissions, an email newsletter announcing each topic of discussion will be sent out to users on our mailing list. The News section of our website will also feature a small blurb that covers all points of the video. Product specific videos will feature a popular style, furniture type, or market-specific offering. For example, our first SPEC IT OUT topic featured our most popular Quick Ship lectern, the ELCO™-35. The video for this product covers standard features, material/finish availability, and market advantages like its versatile style, budget-friendly price point, and integration ready status:

Other videos to follow include topics specific to assembly/finishing, sales and design standard practices, upcoming company updates/events, and new product releases. The information in each video is pivotal to understanding the different aspects of who we are. Our aim is to present our audience with as much essential information as possible in the hope that these videos act as a valuable resource when specifying our products and services.

At Marshall Furniture, we are committed to being as transparent as possible. Our SPEC IT OUT program is just one facet of this commitment. Our goal is always to ease the custom furniture process by providing users with unparalleled customer service and detailed product information. For more information and future updates, check out the SPEC IT OUT section of our website.