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What Sales Has Been Up To

Flower pots Flower pots

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During these trying times, it’s important to stay busy and keep yourself sane. Keep up with our sales team and what they’ve been doing during their time in quarantine.

Michelle Wille
Managing Partner/Sales & Marketing 

The biggest change to Michelle’s schedule and everyday life has been the addition of a new, furry family member. A puppy named Fritzi. Fritzi is an Australian Shepherd and is full of energy and an insatiable hunger.

“Adding a puppy to the mix of my 13 & 12 year old boys as well as our 9 year old Border Aussie has been quite an adventure, but so worth it.  Her favorite things are digging, eating, following her 9 year old sister Pearl everywhere and keeping her mom and dad on their toes!  Follow her at @funwithfritzi on Instgram to watch her grow!”

In addition, Michelle has been working on her gardening skills, planting cucumbers, tomatoes, cilantro, zucchini and sunflowers by seed.

Lastly, Michelle has been keeping busy with her workouts by setting up a home gym. Some of her set-ups include a spin bike to break up the monotony of jogs. She has been trying out the Peloton app specifically and has been loving it.

Gardening pots

Tom Feldkamp
Director of Business Development

Tom has been keeping busy with a big love of his: music. He is an avid guitar player and has been using his time to write more music. With the newly available free time, he has been inspired to create and work on this task with his kids.

Less loved but just as important tasks that Tom has also been tackling is yard work and working out. In addition, along with his wife, Michelle, Tom has adopted a new puppy. Fritzi has been keeping Tom, Michelle and their two boys very busy. She loves food and digging up the yard. She is working on befriending her big sister, Pearl, a 9 year old Aussie Border mix, but that is a little slow going.

Lastly, Tom has been spending much needed time with his kids.

“It’s been a nice surprise how well we have all gotten along.  Having two middle-school aged boys literally growing in front of my eyes on a daily basis has been the most special wrinkle in these crazy times.  And that is what I am truly thankful for.”

Fritzi the dog

Matt Wulfekuhle
Sales Engineer

During this time, Matt has been keeping busy with many tasks, including spending time with his dog, Mollee. They have gone on plenty of walks and hikes and spent time playing.

In addition, Matt has been keeping himself busy with household tasks and a variety of projects. One of these projects includes creative writing, which is a passion of Matt and his wife, Allee. Both are avid writers and love to write screenplays in their spare time. Now that there is even more time, both are writing with a new found fervor. 

Mollee the dog

Rachel Pippi
Sales Engineer

Rachel has certainly been keeping busy. In addition to her work at Marshall, Rachel has her own business selling homemade party supplies. 

“I design and sell printable party decorations for @NestlingDesign. My goal is to make party planning easy for busy moms…I absolutely love being creative.”

Rachel’s business has been keeping her busy as she discovers new ways to market her skills and bring more attention to her business on social media. 

In addition, Rachel has been keeping her health in mind as well, running 5Ks and training to keep herself fit enough to do them. For many months now, Rachel has been working her way up to 5Ks and has been doing her best not to lose steam. She has a variety of apps, tips and playlists that she uses to stay motivated. 

Rachel has also been busy homeschooling her kids during this time, which is a task in and of itself. Learning how to step into the shoes of a teacher has been a new but interesting role that Rachel has been practicing. 

Fitness app on phone

Ariel Blaha
Sales Manager

Ariel has been spending the majority of her time with her husband and two young children. 

“My oldest is in 4K, so we have fun with the alphabet and counting songs along with the curriculum the teacher shares through our classroom app.”

Additionally, Ariel and her family have been spending time in their backyard exploring and having fun. The boys have been looking through bushes and under logs to find as much mud and dirt as possible! When it’s warm enough out, they set up the sprinkler for some fun in the sun. 

“If we aren’t playing outside in the evening after dinner, many times we play games as a family.  My 5 year old son LOVES Crazy 8’s and UNO and my old favorite is Skipbo.”  

In their backyard, gardening is another task that is being tackled. Ariel and her husband have been clearing out their gardens and have started seedlings that will be moved inside soon. 

Inside, baking has been done as well. Both Ariel and her husband celebrated their birthdays in April, so a couple of cakes were baked and new recipes are always being explored for family dinners. 

Birthday cake

Joyce Scharlow
Sales Engineer

In her time at home, Joyce has been doing a lot to keep busy. In particular, she has been taking her dog, Lola, for plenty of walks and hikes and finding fun and interesting new games to play with her. 

She has also been doing a lot of crafts, specifically painting by number, or painting portraits. Also, coloring books have been keeping her attention as well. When she’s not coloring, she is checking social media or looking for a new movie or show to watch to keep busy. 

“I find the easiest way to distract yourself is with something visual. That is why I like to color or watch a show when I’m feeling anxious or antsy. If I get lonely, talking with family is always best. My friends and I have been keeping in touch by playing online games together as well.”

Cleaning the house and doing errands are also some of the things Joyce has been doing. Organizing has been a big part of her day and when that’s not happening, she is making time to Skype with her family. 

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