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The Versatility of the ELCO™-DUO Packs a One-Two Punch

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Marshall Furniture’s new ELCO™-DUO rack cabinet can be used as a storage solution or transformed into a distance learning video cart.

Finding an easy way to store equipment and other necessities in a way that fits seamlessly into a space is a chief concern among both customers and integrators. Our new ELCO™-DUO rack cabinet is the perfect solution, not only because it can be specified with your choice of three internal configurations, which includes 12 to 30 rack units, an adjustable shelf or space for third party rack, but also because it is cost-effective and has a fast lead time of 10-30 days.


ELCO™-DUO rack cabinet

In addition to the above features, this unit comes standard with locking service panel, cable management, ventilation, presenter locking door and casters. Doors can be upgraded to include a vent or glass inlay and options such as a cable reservoir, fans or drop leaf shelf can be added.

ELCO™-DUO rack cabinet

Not only is the ELCO™-DUO a great storage solution, it can also be used for video conference purposes. By including our optional dual pole mount, this unit can be used in conjunction with a display, which is perfect for distance learning.

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