ARCO™ Lecterns and Credenzas

Easy-to-specify, stylish and affordable, Marshall Furniture’s ARCO™ products set a new standard for AV furniture.

MWSCS-32 ADA Classic Style Workstation in Jute & Mazagran Laminate

The new ELCO™ RL Series Desks by Marshall Furniture may seem unassuming, but they pack a punch as an all-in-one design that targets many common customer concerns.

ELCO™ Collaboration Table

Marshall Furniture's new ELCO™ Collaboration Tables provide users with a low-cost solution that is easily configurable around their specific meeting room needs.

MKT-24 Traditional Style Kiosk in Black Cherry

Marshall Furniture's new MKT-24 custom Kiosk provides a simple, technology friendly furniture solution for your digital signage needs.

ELCO RL-35 and ELCO-16RU Rack Cabinet

Marshall Furniture's new ELCO RL-35 is a simple, cost-effective ADA solution that can be customized to meet individual application needs. Combine it with any other Quick Ship piece to create an ensemble arrangement.

ELCO-25WS Workstation and Side Table

Marshall Furniture's Quick Ship Workstation and Side Table ensemble offers presenters and instructors with a variable workspace.

MCMC State Monitor Cabinet

Marshall Furniture's MCMC Stage Monitor Cabinet is a mobile, light-weight solution for a variety of applications including presentations, data sharing or information display.


An exciting change is coming to Marshall Furniture. We would like to announce that Tom Feldkamp, previously our Sales Manager, has been promoted to Director of Business Development. As one of our longest-held employees, Tom has been an extremely important asset to our sales team and has worked diligently for years to improve product design and customer relations. We are confident that Tom will bring a fresh perspective to the position and continued success for Marshall Furniture.


Marshall Furniture would like to announce a position change for one of our long-established employees: Ariel Blaha. As of this year, Ariel has been promoted from Sales Engineer to Sales Manager after 10 years of work with the company. We welcome her input, strategies and fresh outlook as the new head of our dedicated sales team and know her to be a hardworking individual whose leadership will facilitate continued success for Marshall Furniture. Get to know a little more about her below:


Marshall Furniture would like to take a moment to formally introduce our new Sales and Digital Marketing Specialist, AJ Arshem. AJ joins us as a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater where he earned a BBA in Marketing and a minor in Media Arts. He comes to us with background knowledge in data analysis, programming and outside sales. Of his decision to go into Marketing, AJ says, “everything from tracking analytics to developing creative content and writing case studies; I knew I had made the right decision.”

Marshall Furniture would like to inform its dealers and customers that Adam Fischer has left the company to pursue other ventures. Notably, Adam has taken up a career in law enforcement, a personal goal of his for many years. We at Marshall Furniture would like to wish him well and are sure that he will continue to help others just as he has done with us for many years. For those that have worked with Adam in the past, please know that we welcome your continued business and that our sales team is here to help with any projects you many have started with Adam.