Custom ADA Lecterns

Custom ADA Lecterns are a compact, space-saving solution coming standard with electric height adjust and an ADA pullout surface. What makes these ADA podiums unique is the ADA pullout surface that extends over the presenter's lap for wheelchair accessibility. This design feature reduces the footprint, providing a space-saving solution for training rooms, classrooms, meeting spaces, or courtrooms. In addition, the electric height adjust is valuable to the user experience with the ability to rise to a standing position.

You can customize the ADA lecterns to fit your AV equipment by adding popular options like monitors, touch panels, power ports, and rack rails for rack equipment. The AV lectern will include passive ventilation for rack equipment, and surface options will be placed appropriately without compromising reach ranges. Customize your ADA lectern to fit your style, match your space, and build around your technology needs. Each design is unique for the user experience, accessibility requirements, and AV specifications.


ada lecterns

How to Get Started

1 Pick A Style or Let us Custom Design Build To Match Your Space

2 Choose Additional Options

3 Select Finishes or Material Types

Standard Features

  • Electric Height Adjust
  • ADA Pullout Surface
  • Internal Adjustable Shelf
  • Soft Close Standard Locking Doors
  • Floor Holes for Cable Pass
  • Floor Vents
  • Casters or Levelers

Popular Options

  • ADA Pullout Surface with Lectern Top
  • Control Panel Cutouts
  • AC Outlets
  • Fixed & Adjustable Display Mounts
  • Keyboard Pullout Shelves
  • Side Styles
  • Pocket Doors
  • Rack Rail
  • Service Panels
  • Logos
  • Alternative Hardware


Popular Styles