Broadcast & Podcast Stations

Looking to create a comfortable and efficient workspace for your broadcast station or podcast studio? Our design expertise and innovative furniture solutions are just what you need. We can customize your space to fit your technological requirements and design a set that is aesthetically pleasing, all while ensuring that your team has the confidence to connect with their listeners and audience.  

Whether you're looking to produce regular radio broadcasts, podcasts, live streaming video, and audio, or digital content for web and social media distribution, we can tailor our solutions to your space and AV needs. Our furniture solutions are not only functional but also designed to make you proud of your studio setup. Let us help you create the perfect workspace for your team.

Where to Buy »

Our furniture is sold exclusively through AV Systems and Contract Furnishing dealers worldwide. Let us know if you are working with one, or we can help find one in your area.

Prairie Style

Prairie DSK Style

Custom Broadcast Station
Customize your broadcast station to match your set, and fit your space.

Round CTC

Round CTC

Custom Podcast Table
Podcast tables can be made any size and shape to meet your requirements.

Curved Style

Prairie DSK Style

Custom Shaped Broadcast Station
Stylize and customize your broadcast station to match your set and aesthetics.


Prairie DSK Style

Semi-Custom Podcast Desk
The FIT PRD desks are available with many options, finish choices and sizes to fit your space.