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Appearance Does Matter


Designing the look of your next furniture solution can sometimes be a daunting task. With most designs, tackling size, options and equipment are typically the foremost concerns.

Equally as important, however, is deciding on finish and style. When it comes to color, veneer and aesthetic accents, your choice can set your unit apart, whether that be in a good way or a bad way. For instance, choose the wrong color and your furniture will stick out like a sore thumb. It may even look like an afterthought within the room. If you go with something that is plain (without accents or molding) in a highly ornate room, it may give off the wrong impression. Discussing the actual look of your next piece is an important step to consider and spend time on during the design process. Here are some ways that Marshall Furniture can help you with that:

Custom Color Matching

One way to ensure your furniture matches its accommodating space is to custom color match it to the rest of the room. We can do this via a control sample. Send us a drawer face, some base trim or even a chip of the material if you have it on hand and we’ll present you with a set of matched samples for review prior to build. If you are doing a new build or room overhaul, let us know the architect’s material and finish specification. If we need to match a laminate color on wood, we will. If we need to match another vendor’s finish, we can do that as well. Talk it through with one of our designers, and we’ll suggest the right plan of action to achieve a successful match.

Veneer Choice

Whether your furniture needs to be an exotic wood species, FSC certified, a certain type of cut or needs to be laid up to match existing wood work, we can discuss ways to achieve the right look. Since we are a custom shop, we can order many different types of veneer from our supplier, including those that are economically sourced (FSC). Although our standard veneers are plain (flat) cut, we can specify material in quarter sawn or rift cut if need be. Additionally, our experienced cabinet makers can lay up material in a specific pattern, such as a book match or slip match, to highlight grain characteristics.

Plastic Laminate

In addition to veneer, we also work with a wide array of plastic laminates. Whether they be commercially available or a proprietary brand, let us know which type you’d like to see on your furniture. As mentioned before, being a custom shop gives us (and the customer) the freedom to specify a large array of choices.


If you have a space that utilizes metal accents, a specific type of molding pattern or includes an intricate pattern of wainscoting that you’d like to see represented in your next furniture solution, let us know. Our designers can work off of a photo, architectural specification or rough sketch to incorporate your aesthetic details. We always provide detailed design drawings for review and will be sure to indicate dimensions, material choice and a brief description of how we plan to implement these details during the build.

Whether you need a simple lectern or a complex, custom conference table, remember to keep finish and style at the forefront of every design conversation. After all, no one wants to spend money on a piece of furniture that does not match the room or looks out of place. For your next furniture project, let us help you specify a solution that will not only accommodate equipment and application, but will be a beautifully constructed piece. 


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