DESIGNER Series Lecterns

DESIGNER Series Lecterns

The DESIGNER Series custom lecterns are a collection of trendy and modern lectern styles, each with unique shapes for a distinctive look. Each style will provide confidence and charisma for any presenter and is perfect for modern conference rooms and meeting spaces.

All DESIGNER Series presentation lecterns can be customized around your interior aesthetics and are available with various options for AV function. Several styles come standard as a height adjust lectern.

Talk to our designers about how you can custom-design your lectern to suit your needs. 

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Our furniture is sold exclusively through AV Systems and Contract Furnishing dealers worldwide. Let us know if you are working with one, or we can help find one in your area.

Cascade Style - CASC-30 in Walnut Wood with Sterling Finish and Pionite Greige Laminate

Design #40283

Open Frame Style MLOF - 32 in Quartered Walnut Wood with Custom Finish and Custom Decotone Metal

Design #64923

Hexagon Style MLHEX - 37 in Wilson Art Satin Brushed Natural Aluminum Laminate and Custom Acrylic

Design #03792

Hexagon Style

38421 MLHEX 40 1000 x 1000

1 Style/Multiple Finishes

Hexagon Style height adjust lecterns blend traditional and modern elements with a unique overall shape, providing a trustworthy location for presenters and speakers. 

Cascade Style

38204 Cascade Style Entry 1000x1000px web

1 Style/Multiple Finishes

Cascade lecterns perfectly balance linear and curved shapes in a compact footprint,  often chosen as a speaker or presenter's podium for modern-day conference rooms or presentation spaces.  

LekTek Style

34783 Detail 1000 x 1000 Web

1 Style/Multiple Finishes

The LekTek is favored amongst interior designers, often chosen for its modern style and pre-configured standard features, including height adjustment.  

Open Frame Style

32946 MLOF detail Qtr Wlt 1000x1000px Web

1 Style/Multiple Finishes

The Open Frame style lecterns are characterized by their eclectic mix of materials and geometric, linear lines, providing versatile styling ready for technology.  

Traditional Classic Style

34798 MLTC 29 1000 x 1000 Hon CH

1 Style/Multiple Finishes

Traditional Classic style lecterns stand confidently in a shapely frame and are most popular in spaces with a modern feel with limited AV.  

MODi Style

33142 MODi 37 1000 x 1000 Crackle Crnch and White Lam

1 Style/Multiple Finishes

MODi lecterns are a contemporary lectern style, designed to offer a dependable position for users to present and speak from.  

wheelchair ada iconMake Your Lectern ADA Wheelchair Accessible

Lecterns & instructor workstations can be designed for ADA wheelchair accessibility. Determine if side or forward reach is necessary and talk to a designer about how this can be achieved for your design.

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