MODERN Series Lecterns

MODERN Series Lecterns

The MODERN Series lecterns are our most popular, versatile AV lectern styles for modern workspaces, used as a presenter's lectern in conference or meeting rooms, as an attorney lectern in courtrooms, and are a favorite in learning environments as teaching stations.

The MODERN Series AV podiums can be customized to suit your aesthetic, budget, or functional requirements, including height adjustment.

Talk to our designers about how you can custom-design your lectern to suit your needs.  

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Our furniture is sold exclusively through AV Systems and Contract Furnishing dealers worldwide. Let us know if you are working with one, or we can help find one in your area.

Radius Deep Reveal Style MLRD - 25 in Wilson Art Designer White Laminate

Design #56003

Wedge Style MLW - 32 in Formica Planked Urban Oak Laminate

Design #85773

Prairie Style

35387 MLP 33 180 x 180 Recon Wlnt

1 Style/Multiple Finishes

The Prairie is our most popular and versatile custom lectern, characterized by its timeless design and ability to be built around any AV System.  

Radius Style

34804 MLR 32 180 x 180 Cus Mah30065 MLRD 25 180 x 180 Wht Lam

2 Styles/Multiple Finishes

The Radius is favored for its soft radius corners and is a trustworthy AV lectern.  Two Radius styles are available, including one with a distinctive reveal.  

Classic Style

37281 MLCS 40 180 x 180 Har Oak35649 MLCD 34 180 x 180 Bzlwd Lam

2 Styles/Multiple Finishes

Classic Style lecterns are characterized by their accent reveal and recessed base, a preferred style selection by architects and interior designers.  

Wedge Style

32661 A MLW 25 180 x 180 Br Mah32727 MLWD 33 180 x 180 Nat Mpl

2 Styles/Multiple Finishes

Wedge Style lecterns are defined by its distinctive bevel corners, a unique trait. Two Wedge Styles are available, including one with a pronounced reveal for added accents. 


wheelchair ada iconMake Your Lectern ADA Wheelchair Accessible

Lecterns & instructor workstations can be designed for ADA wheelchair accessibility. Determine if side or forward reach is necessary and talk to a designer about how this can be achieved for your design.

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