Height Adjust

For ADA compliant wheelchair accessibility, our lifts are combined with the ADA-Wheelchair Work Surface option to ensure proper knee-space allowance and equal access to surface controls. For non-ADA, adding a lift allows users of varying heights to adjust the surface to their desired position.

MLM-HDM Performance: 750 or 1,200 lb capacity; 5 ½", 8", or 12" range. Operation is quiet, stable, smooth, and fast. Unbalanced loads lift perfectly straight.
MLM-ATU Performance: 500 lb capacity; has an 8" or 12" range.
MLM-FIRG Performance: 168 lb capacity; has an 18" range.

Height adjust can be added to many of our custom lectern styles and workstations. The products highlighted below represent previously built units that included a lift. This is not a comprehensive list, however. Please contact us so that we can design a piece specific to your particular height adjust needs.