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Custom Lecterns

Many different lectern styles are available to choose from, below are some examples. All our styles can be designed around a variety of parameters. Add a rotating top or base for maneuverability among different audiences in the courtroom or specify a custom logo to set your court space apart. Marshall Furniture specializes in customization and can ensure your lectern is designed according to your specific AV, accessibility and architectural preferences.

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MRP-30 - MFI #34223™

This MRP-30 is shown in a custom finished Rift White Oak. All features shown are standard. Reference MFI #34223.

MRP-33 - MFI #67603™

This custom Raised Panel lectern is loaded with options. Built into the top is a VESA mounted monitor, power outlet, keyboard pullout a side pullout shelf for additional work surface space. Inside the raised panel locking doors is front and rear rack rails. The entire front of the lectern comes off for service and includes a custom shaped center for logo attachment. Always included is a floor access panel for cable pass and ventilation. The solid wood base is notched for air intake and access to the locking casters. Reference MFI #67603.

MLP-33 - MFI #26413™

This Prairie Style lectern features a rotating base allowing the lectern to turn 180°. This base is used by courts, city councils, and law schools to allow a quick change of audience. A T-Handle release mechanism controls the movement with the rotator hidden by a custom molded base. The locking pocket doors and pullout side shelf feature custom wire pulls. Inside is 14 rack units of front/rear rack rail. A locking rear access panel allows for servicing inside equipment. Floor access panels and vents are standard for airflow and cable pass. Reference MFI #26413™

MLR-40 - MFI #47003™

Marshall Furniture multi-media custom lecterns can simplify your work surface and maximize space for your AV equipment. This custom radius style lectern features a split top surface with flat and angled portions. The flat laminate portion provides a writing surface and features a recess monitor well while the slanted surface provides an optimal viewing angle for presentations. Customizable options included are bronze door knobs, height adjust, locking accessory drawer, keyboard shelf, and dimmable touch LED lighting. Other options are available to help create a specific lectern to suit your AV requirements and overall style. Reference MFI #47003™

MLNT-30 - MFI #18503™

A sleek lectern style designed with space for notes. An optional access panel for cable management was included on the back. Reference MFI #18503™

MLR-32 - MFI #05692™

Marshall Furniture creates custom lecterns to suit your stylistic needs. This Radius Style Lectern displays a High Pressure Black Laminate Work Surface that accents the Custom Cherry finish. A recessed monitor well and custom cutouts can streamline your work area and save space. Customizable options such as Fixed Rack Units, Locking Pocket Doors, and Drop Leaf Shelves can help create a more specialized and stylized lectern to suit your needs and overall aesthetics. Reference MFI #05692™

MELC-32 - MFI #30582™

This lectern has horizontal grain. Reference MFI #30582™

MLT-32 - MFI #55562™

The solid wood framing on the top, center and base define this Traditional Style lectern. The logo is lasered into the front. Reference MFI #55562™

MLFP-56 - MFI #16952™

This Flat Panel Style lectern rotates 180° and will stop at 45° increments. A logo is laser engraved and filled with color on the front panel. Panel design can be changed to suit. Reference MFI #16952™

MLAQ-36 - MFI #78552™

An Antique Molding Style lectern made in Mahogany. The lectern front and sides are recessed flat panels set off by moldings. Reference MFI #78552™

MLC-30 - MFI #52662™

A custom Column Style lectern with top and bottom moldings, a logo and speaker. The lectern is on casters and has an optional halogen light. Microphone was supplied. MFI #52662™

MELC-35RP - MFI #18442™

This custom Ellipse Style lectern has curved raised panels and is on casters. Reference MFI #18442™

MLP-25 - MFI #12432™

This lectern was ordered without quirk lines and includes an optional, hand painted logo medallion. MFI #12432™

MLHRT-30 - MFI #80512™

MLHRT-30 in Walnut, Plain sawn with 4" carpet casters, rollout keyboard shelf, halogen light, medium cable reservoir, removable rack box, and microphone supplied by the end user. Notice the nearly perfect grain match between the three sections. Reference MFI #80512™