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ADA Desks

MDP-52 - MFI #12003™

This Prairie Style custom desk provides options for a variety of presentations. This desk includes an optional lectern top and MLM-HDM4 height adjust that operates via a control switch located on the rear side panel. A front recessed monitor display was added to the face of the desk for digital signage and locking access panels were added to the knee space to make servicing a breeze. Custom cutouts may be added to the work surface to suit your specific AV requirements. Reference MFI #12003™

MDP-42 - MFI #29492™

Marshall Furniture can customize any product for your ADA needs. This Prairie style desk is height adjust to raise for standing presentations or lower for wheelchair use. The companion lectern was built in the same Prairie style to match the desk. The lectern includes optional locking pocket doors with satin nickel wire pulls, 16 fixed rack units, a hidden locking rear access panel for service, halogen light and medium cable reservoir for laptop connectivity. Floor panels and ventilation in the floor are always included. Ships fully assembled in 4-6 weeks, complete with our 10 year warranty. Reference MFI #29492™

MDP-41 - MFI #44402™

This custom Prairie style ADA desk was made in Anigre wood with two custom finishes and features an angled top surface with a custom pop up mount for an ELO panel, Extron interface cutouts and a microphone. The desk included fixed height keyboard shelf with a special rotating cup holder and a hydraulic lift. The open space is ADA accessible for wheelchair use. The desk was made mobile with locking casters. Reference MFI #44402.

MDT-72 - MFI #60652™

This custom Traditional Style desk has an electric monitor lift, CPU bay, rack bay and top-lift height adjust. The top and base have matching solid wood moldings. This desk is on casters and is fully ADA compliant for presenters in wheelchairs. Reference MFI #60652™

MDP-87 - MFI #75062™

This Prairie Style desk includes height adjust, dual rear access panels and a laser engraved logo as options. Desk in the full up position makes it as tall as a standup lectern. In the down position it is at normal desk height. Slightly raised makes it perfect for wheelchairs. Reference MFI #75062™

MDCS-77 - MFI #12202™

This custom Classic Style desk has an optional lectern top with solid wood molding. The top surface is set off by a large reveal. Smaller parallel reveals define the desk body. This desk has height adjust. Equipment is racked in a separate box that is removable for service. The lectern is on casters. Reference MFI #12202™

MDCS-98 - MFI #94922

This Classic, Shallow Reveal Style desk has the lectern top and height adjust options. The center area has been sized for wheelchair accessibility, while the controls on top are designed for proper ADA reach ranges. The document camera drawer pulls toward the presenter rather than out the side for convenience. The shallow reveal and base are black laminate to match the surface and control panel. There are dual hidden rear access panels to service the rack and a laser engraved medallion logo as options. The bottom includes floor panels and ventilation, both standard options in every desk. Reference MFI #94922

MDCB-54 - MFI #12202™

This height adjustable custom Column Style Bowfront desk is used in a courtroom as a witness desk. Height adjust allows either a sitting or standing position. The knee space has three access panels for ease of wiring and service. Reference MFI #12202™

MFI #56542™

This height adjustable desk also has an electrically operated adjustable work surface which raises and lowers at the touch of a button. Built in Birdseye Maple and Walnut as a display piece for InfoComm 2011, it's functionality is the same as desks we make for courtrooms and boardrooms. There is enough height adjustment for the desk to function as a standup lectern or a sit-down desk. Both the work surface and the height adjust mechanisms are very quiet. The height adjust is stable and is unaffected by uneven loads. Reference MFI #56542™.

MDP-60 - MFI #87361™

Specifications for this desk:

  • Model MDP-60; reference MFI #87361™
  • Surface: Formica 464-58 Graystone Laminate.
  • Construction: Self edged top; Cabinet; monocoque shell; MDF and plywood substrates.
  • Casters: Hidden 4" carpet; non-marking wheels.
  • Options: None.

MDP-100 - MFI #14099™

Specifications for this desk:

  • Model MDP-100; reference MFI #14099™
  • Wood Species and Cut: plain sliced Cherry.
  • Veneer: AAA/A grade; book match; sequenced.
  • Finish: Natural color; #35 sheen; open pore; low VOC precatalyzed lacquer.
  • Construction: Veneered lectern top; monocoque shell; MDF and plywood substrates.
  • Casters: Hidden 4" carpet casters.
  • Options: Height adjust; monitor lift; left side; dual cabinet; document camera drawer and shelf; right side; pocket doors on rack cabinet; rollout keyboard; medium cable reservoir; dual rear access panels; gold leaf laser medallion.

Knee space is wheelchair compliant. Desk raises to standing height.

MDP-68 - MFI #91831™

This mobile desk was designed for a person confined to a wheelchair who had limited use of his arms and hands. The client wanted both the height of the desk to be adjustable and the pullout work surfaces to extend and withdraw electrically. The controls are twin, push-button controllers mounted inside the knee space. A center well allows the LCD monitor base to be below the surface. A cable reservoir allows for laptop connection. The desk is on casters. Finish is a custom stain on Cherry. Reference MFI #91831™

Specifications for this desk:

  • Wood Species and Cut: plain sliced Cherry.
  • Veneer: AAA/A grade; book match; sequenced.
  • Finish: Custom stain; #35 sheen; open pore; low VOC precatalyzed lacquer.
  • Construction: Natural maple veneered top; monocoque shell; MDF and plywood substrates.
  • Casters: Hidden 4" carpet casters.
  • Options: Height adjust; medium cable reservoir; tapered gallery rail; pullout work surfaces are motorized.
  • Work surfaces extend electrically.

MDP-75 - MFI #12099™

This Plain Sliced White Oak MDP-75 includes the MLM-HDM4 lift. A flat lectern top was added for the recessed monitor well and is positioned for proper reach ranges for wheelchair accessibility. A fixed height keyboard shelf is located above the knee space while a locking door opens for PC access. The lift switch raises and lowers the desk 8" while the base is equipped with casters for mobility. Floor holes for cable pass and ventilation are included. Reference MFI #12099™