ADA Kiosks

All Marshall Furniture kiosks can be built to meet ADA requirements for height and reach limits. Below are some examples of custom kiosks that have been designed to meet those requirements, or talk to our designers for your custom ADA kiosk solution.

MKCS-50 - MFI #12903™

Kiosks allow various users to interact with a touch panel while serving as stylistic signage. The recessed base is in standard Black Laminate but any laminate may be chosen to match any style desired. Vent slots were added to the top and sides of the kiosk for passive ventilation. The locking rear access panel makes servicing and managing interior equipment a breeze. Ships in 4-6 weeks. Reference MFI #12903™

MKCS-50 - MFI #87942™

This Classic Style Kiosk has a 46" LCD monitor. The cabinet has a recessed base in Black laminate. There is ventilation on the top and three sides. The locking rear access door and floor access plate make equipment service and hookup easy. This kiosk is on locking casters. Reference MFI #87942™

MKCS-30 - MFI #69552™

This Classic Style kiosk has a large touch screen monitor and recessed base in black laminate. There is ventilation on the top and three sides. The back side includes an optional locking hinged door for equipment service. The floor includes the standard floor access panel for cables. Reference MFI #69552™