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Kiosks can be designed around your particular display. Monitors can be mounted into single-sided or double -sided cabinets with a portrait, landscape or flat-surface orientation. Kiosks are the perfect solution for jury check-in or to display a map of the court house. Add storage space and a large cut out for print outs of jury badges or attendance letters from an internally-stored printer. Consider adding a custom kiosk to streamline aspects of your court space.

MKD-24W - MFI #70233™

The Informer™ series kiosk consists of a shaped body, base and an open frame head. This particular build was finished in our Natural Cherry wood veneer and includes the standard black accent panel and base. On the back is a locking access panel for service, which is a standard feature. There is cable passage from the open frame head down to a floor hole at the bottom. The open frame head was custom sized for a 24" Planar display attached via VESA mount. Available in 13 stock melamine colors, 23 stock wood veneer finishes, any standard commercially available plastic laminates or custom materials as specified. Reference MFI #70233™

MKT-40 - MFI #19813™

The Traditional Style kiosk provides schools, businesses and organizations with a sleek and simple method of information display. Standard with exhaust ventilation, cable passage and monitor mounting features, this particular build was sized around a 39" monitor and included an optional exit cable hole for passage to a wall outlet. The monitor frame had a locking, removable frame to keep equipment safe from tampering. In addition, the column body includes a locking removable access panel to keep components secure and to service cables. Reference MFI #19813™

MKT-24 - MFI #60023™

This Traditional Style kiosk includes a locking frame to secure the VESA mounted 24" Planar display. The column below includes the standard locking access panel, rear mouse hole for cable pass and metal plate for stability. Reference MFI #60023™

MKCS-30 - MFI #63313™

Marshall Furniture Kiosks are accessible, stylish, and make any high traffic area technologically savvy. The 24 inch wide touch panel is front mounted with a bezel kit allowing for easy installation. The locking rear access panel makes it easy to service the interior components and store equipment. Cooling fans were added to regulate heat output and circulate airflow. Ships in 4-6 weeks. Reference MFI #63313™

MKCS-50 - MFI #12903™

Kiosks allow various users to interact with a touch panel while serving as stylistic signage. The recessed base is in standard Black Laminate but any laminate may be chosen to match any style desired. Vent slots were added to the top and sides of the kiosk for passive ventilation. The locking rear access panel makes servicing and managing interior equipment a breeze. Ships in 4-6 weeks. Reference MFI #12903™

MKWSP-60 - MFI #32262™

This Prairie Style touch top table features a recessed well for a touch monitor encased in the black laminate work surface. The locking vented rear access panel allows for security and airflow. This table sits on locking casters for mobility. Reference MFI #32262™

MDGP-32S - MFI #73072™

This custom floor standing kiosk features a 32" Samsung portrait display. The Wilson Art 7061-60 Natural Pear case framed the illuminated white 3form Chroma for an added appeal. The back side includes a removable access panel for service and also includes exhaust fans for cooling. For cable pass, a floor hole was made in addition to side grommets for cable feed to the wall. Reference MFI #73072™

MKR-46 - MFI #06422™

This Radius Style Kiosk has a large touch screen monitor and a printer that delivers copies to the front of the cabinet. There is ventilation on the top and three sides. The locking rear access door and floor access plate make equipment service and hookup easy. Locking front doors hold paper and printer supplies. The front and rear access doors can be keyed differently. Reference MFI #06422™

MDGP-42D - MFI #04642™

This Prairie Style Digital Signage cabinet has two large monitors mounted vertically on both sides. There is ventilation on the top and three sides. The locking access panels on both sides make equipment service and hookup easy. Reference MFI #04642™