Monitor Lift Cabinets


PLC-65L - MFI #93603™

Sized for a 65" display, this client preferred the top hat lid rather than the standard hinged. Also included is ventilation in the locking rear access panel with mouse holes for cable pass. Reference MFI #93603™

PLC-60L - MFI #40803™

With a hinged top lid, this Prairie Style lift cabinet was designed for a 50" monitor. A locking, vented rear access panel is included for service along with side exhaust fans, floor holes for cable pass and floor ventilation. Standard locking doors secure equipment on adjustable shelving inside. Notches in the false wall allow for cable pass from the monitor to devices inside the cabinet. Ships in 4-6 weeks. Reference MFI #40803™

PLC-42L - MFI #51602™

Monitor Lift Cabinets can be very shallow if they just hold the monitor and no equipment. No front doors are necessary. A rear access panel allows access to the monitor and lift. These cabinets can be on casters or levelers. Cabinet shown is a Medium Oak shallow cabinet with no equipment space. Reference MFI #51602™

PLC-50L - MFI #94972™

This 50" Samsung LED panel raises out of the storage cabinet with a Nexus lift, supplied and installed by Marshall Furniture. This Prairie style cabinet did not require any storage so front doors were not necessary. A simple solid wood cove molding was added below the top for detail while the back was made with a removable access panel for service and installation. The sides include exhaust fans while the floor was made with proper ventilation and holes for cable pass. The front toe is notched for air intake and access to the locking swivel casters. Monitor not included. Reference MFI #94972™

RLC-72L - MFI #51072™

Monitor Lift Cabinets can be shallow if they hold the monitor, no equipment. A rear access panel gives access to the monitor. On casters or levelers. Reference MFI #51072™