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Evidence Carts

Display your evidence all in one place with a compact and stylish custom Evidence Cart. Document camera drawers, slide out shelves, fixed rack rail and keyboard shelves are just some of the options that can be added to make the presentation process simpler. In addition, stylistic elements such as solid molding patterns or raised panels can be added. Evidence carts can be mobile or static and can be sized to your individual needs.

Custom Evidence Carts

MWSR-25-⅜ - MFI #59413™

This Radius Style Workstation, Model MWSR 25-3/8, is shown in Figured Anigre wood with a custom finish. Many unique options characterize this piece, such as a full front removable access panel and a side shelf for Wolfvision VZ-3NEO. The surface includes various component cutouts with a fixed height keyboard shelf and 14 front and rear rack units inside. Many other features shown are standard, but sizing, options and finishes can be adjusted to your specifications. Reference MFI #59413™

ELCO™-35WSDC - MFI #70192™

This workstation comes standard with a locking document camera drawer. Also included is an optional medium cable reservoir for laptop connectivity. Reference MFI #70192™

MAV-34CP - MFI #87862™

This Prairie Style mobile storage cabinet has standard locking doors, adjustable shelving and a grommet on the surface. Reference MFI #87862™

MAV-33 - MFI #86992™

Marshall Furniture creates durable mobile carts with elegant design. This open cart features solid wood corners and base for durability. Standard features shown are an adjustable shelf and grommets cable pass. Customize the cart to your AV specifications. Ships in 4-6 weeks, fully assembled. 10 year warranty. Reference MFI #86992™

MLP-36 - MFI #95832™

This mobile evidence cart was built for a federal court, complete with Extron cable cubby 200’s in the top surface, dual pullout shelves for evidence presentation and a slide out rotating rack inside the locking doors. The heavy duty swivel casters allow the cart to be highly mobile. Reference MFI #95832.

MWSFP-29 - MFI #02452

This custom evidence cart was made to match the existing millwork in the courtroom. This cabinet was made to house an Extron Cable Cubby 300 in the top surface, left and right hand side drop down drawer fronts with a dual sliding out shelf for evidence presentation, locking pocket doors for security, 9 front and rear rack units and a hidden lock rear access panel. The floor includes an opening for cable pass with a 10 x 10 floor vent and locking casters for mobility. Reference MFI #02452.

MWSFP-25 - MFI #97812™

This Flat Panel Style workstation was handmade to match an existing courtrooms architectural detail. Each side has a slide out shelf for document or evidence presentation with a medium cable reservoir located on the top surface to power a laptop. The body below features locking pocket doors for security with hidden locking casters for mobility and easy maneuvering in the courtroom. Reference MFI #97812™

Looking to simplify? Consider our Quick Ship Evidence Carts. These ship in 10-30 days and can be customized with a variety of options including a fixed monitor mount, side shelving or small surface cut outs for equipment.

Quick Ship Evidence Carts

ELCO™-25WS - MFI #67313™


This Model ELCO-25WS featured in Maple Melamine, is shown with most standard features; front and rear rack, a fixed height keyboard shelf, locking pocket door, floor hole for cable pass, floor vent, and a notched toe for air intake and access to the 4" swivel locking casters. This model does not include the side drop leaf shelf or AC outlet but does include the hidden lock rear access panel as an upgrade option. Reference MFI #67313™

ELCO™-Struct 62 - MFI #78703™

ELCO™-Struct 62 Instructor Station shown with companion side table, Model ELCO™-MST. This simple table can attach to either side of the workstation and is wheelchair accessible. The top is constructed with a hard pressure laminate surface with self edge and includes a surface grommet and cable trough below for cable management. The single, heavy duty chrome leg is included and comes standard with locking casters. The optional articulating arm and desktop lectern give the user multiple options for presenting. Reference MFI #78703™

ELCO™-35WS - MFI #28172™

This quick ship workstation is pre-designed. Although a standard option, the heavy duty drop leaf shelf was removed, creating a slimmer appearance. All the other standard options are present in this Walnut Melamine workstation, making it a versatile cabinet for AV operation. Left and right hand orientation available at no additional cost. Reference MFI #28172™

ELCO™-25WS - MFI #12703™

The newest member to our quick ship line, this work station offers front and rear rack, a locking pocket door, fixed height keyboard shelf, surface grommets as needed, side heavy duty drop leaf shelf, ventilation and a locking rear access panel as standards. This model shows a hidden lock access panel option as an upgrade, which does not affect the lead time. Many more quick ship workstation models are available in many more colors. Reference MFI #12703™

SCMR™-17D - MFI #03182™

Use the handholds in the top to control this highly mobile cart as a monitor system platform or as a large mobile workstation. Exposed casters are easy to maneuver. Interior has a compartment for a tower CPU and one for 17RU of rack. The standard rear access panel makes servicing the equipment easier. Reference MFI #03182™

SCMR™-17 - MFI #40552™

Perfect for your presentation needs, these tough little mobile monitor cabinets allow for an attached monitor mount featured in this piece. 17 front and rear rack units fill the inside, with a vented locking rear access panel for service. A locking pocket door secures your equipment along with a standard T-mold edge to protect the edges. Reference MFI #40552™