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Collaboration Tables

MCVST 48 x 60 - MFI #79133™

This table has a V-Shaped top with an Extron TeamWork® 400 cut out finished in our Light Red Mahogany wood veneer with self edge. The top is supported by a vented rear storage cabinet and box leg with locking access panel. For cabling and power, the rear storage cabinet includes a large knockout in the back for easy cord pass to the wall while the cable chase below the surface collects cables from the Extron TeamWork and channels to the storage cabinet. Reference MFI #79133™

ELCO™-MCVST 48 x 60 - MFI #84813™

This ELCO™-MCVST 48x60 table was designed with a custom order markerboard laminate surface and Designer Option C Base Style. Also included as options were the Extron TeamWork 400 and optional Chief bracket. Reference MFI #84813™

ELCO™-MCRST 42 x 60 - MFI #94813™

This rectangular shaped table was specified to include an optional Extron TeamWork 400. The Integrator Option B Base Style was chosen for additional storage. The top includes an optional Chief bracket for the monitor display. Reference MFI #94813™

MCDST 38 x 96 - MFI #62313™

A simple, budget friendly huddle table designed for 4 to 5 users, Model MCDST-38x96 is shown with a storm gray matrix laminate top and self-edge. The top is supported with T-Base legs that contain access points for cord pass. Many other sizes, color and material choices are available. Reference MFI #62313™

MVS-37P - MFI #08413 ™

Marshall Furniture creates mobile video display carts. Share digital content or brainstorm with this VTC display stand. It's built on full swivel casters for easy mobility. Marshall Furniture can match your existing space or help design and build your next. Ships in 4-6 weeks. Reference MFI #08413 ™

ELCO-VS - MFI #33292™ and #12703™

Present with confidence using Marshall Furniture's Quick Ship evidence cart and mobile video monitor stand. Model ELCO-VS is a mobile video/monitor stand that can perform anywhere in the courtroom and is perfect for presenting digital evidence or remote testimony via videoconferencing to the jury or judge. Evidence can be presented conveniently from our Model ELCO-25WS cart. It allows storage of modern technology such as a document camera, monitor/annotation display or touch panel. Both models can be ordered as an ensemble or separately with many color choices and options. Reference MFI #33292™ and #12703™

ELCO™-MCDST 42 x 60 - MFI #35803™

Our ELCO™ Collaboration Tables are a perfect solution for smaller corporate or higher education active learning spaces.  Simple to order and cost effective, this table model is available in multiple sizes and colors and can include custom cutouts at no additional cost. A cable trough beneath the surface nestles into the storage cabinet below which includes a small vertical rack, side access panels, a large rear cutout for wall power and multiple cable entry/exit floor holes.

This  ELCO™-MCDST-42 x 60 has been designed to seat four to five users with a wireless collaboration system. All materials shown are standard: A high pressure laminate top, a metal post leg and a melamine storage cabinet below. An optional Chief bracket was added for the monitor display. Customize the top to your technical specifications at no additional cost without affecting the lead time. Ships in 30 days. 10 year warranty. Reference MFI #35803™

Specify your size, color and material and we will customize to your requirements.

MCDST 96 x 132 - MFI #90942™

This D-Shaped Collaboration table was designed for a corporate space. A standard self edge surrounds the top while surface components were specified for digital sharing. The large D-Shaped credenza base was made in multiple pieces and included access panels for service. Reference MFI #90942™

MCDST-42 x 60L - MFI #92792™

Marshall Furniture can customize your collaboration furniture to support as many users as you need. We can match any architectural detail for the custom application or simplify and meet any budget. Top surfaces can be custom cut to your specification. This Model MCDST 42 x 60L table seats 4-5 users and features Formica Wood Strand Laminate as the work surface. This top was specified to use two Crestron TT-100's for digital content sharing to the monitor display. All cabling is concealed inside a cable trough under the work surface. The model ELCO-TS monitor stand attaches to the table top while concealing the monitor cables behind. Included is an MLM-ATU height adjust lift to raise to standing position or lower to seating, while still accommodating ADA wheelchair use. Reference MFI #92792™

MCDST 42 x 60 - MFI #13072™

This Custom D-Shape Collaboration Table is sized for five users. Sizes for other seating arrangements are available as needed. All cabling is housed inside the table base with removable access doors on both sides for access. Table can have height adjust. Reference MFI #13072™

MCDST 42 x 46 - MFI #10372™

This 42 x 46 table offers an optional solid wood Bullnose edge for durability. A large cutout in the center for an FSR HV-1000 allows four users to view and share with one another on a main display. The base has a removable access panel for service and a floor stand was used to mount the display screen. Reference MFI #10372™