Custom Columns

Holds monitors and projectors. Use as display stands or as a kiosk. Tops can be flush or recessed. Bases can be flush or recessed.

Columns are typically made 24"w x 24"d and any height up to 60". Specify a lip or flush top. Different dimensions are possible. If requested, a top grommet allows discrete cabling through the open base. If substantial weight is to be placed on taller columns, the column has to be anchored to the floor or wall to prevent tipping. Casters are available as an option for columns only up to 30" tall for safety reasons.

Prairie Column in Natural Maple

Prairie Column shown in Natural Maple at 24" tall. Both the base and top are flush.

Radius Column in Brown Walnut

Radius Column shown in Brown Walnut at 40" tall. Notice the recessed top and flush base.

Fluted Column in Red Cherry

Fluted Column shown in Red Cherry at 50" tall. Notice the recessed top and base, both no-charge options.