Radius Style Deep Reveal Custom Presentation Desks

MDRD-72 - MFI #19732™

This deep reveal radius style desk includes aluminum radius corners with deep reveals in a special order metal laminate. Built for stool height, this desk features a custom edge detail, surface grommets, a keyboard pullout shelf and an interior ready for a third party rack. The locking pocket doors secure the rack while the front includes a hidden removable access panel built in between the reveals for service. The bottom includes the standard floor ventilation and floor holes for cable pass while the desk sits on casters. Contact us and customize your way. 10-year warranty. Ships in 4-6 weeks, fully assembled. Reference MFI #19732™

MDRD-72 - MFI #48442™

This desk is custom designed with 1" radius Aluminum metal corners and matching deep reveals. The surface is a black laminate with an optional reverse bevel edge. The knee space is made tall enough for stool height, which includes a fixed height keyboard shelf, while the locking pocket doors besides the knee space secure the rack box. For service, a full front removable service panel is hidden between the reveals but is also designed to allow for a loaded rack box to slide inside easily. The bottom includes holes for cables and floor vents, both standard features. Reference MFI #48442™