Applied Molding Style Custom Lecterns

Custom Lectern Packages

Custom Lectern Packages

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This style can be customized any number of ways based on customer need. Applied Molding Style lecterns consist of solid wood panels adhered in a particular pattern to create a unique design. Profiles can be based on an existing room design or architectural spec. Exotic wood species or a particular grain pattern can be implemented to compliment the piece. Height adjust is an available option. Talk to our designers for more information.

MLAM-52 - MFI #37582™

This highly customized Applied Molding Style lectern has a two part stainless steel logo set in a distinctive pattern of moldings. Reference MFI #37582™

MLAM-33 - MFI #16792™

This lectern has a monitor mounted in the front panel for digital signage. Reference MFI #16792™

MLAM-34 - MFI #93482™

This lectern has height adjust and a hidden removable access panel. Reference MFI #93482™

MLAM-47 - MFI #92972™

This lectern has a hidden access panel, speaker cutouts and a document camera drawer. Reference MFI #92972™

MLAM-34 - MFI #40042™

This Applied Molding Style lectern has an optional document camera drawer. The moldings are in solid Mahogany. Reference MFI #40042™