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Bowfront Style/Bowfront Radius Style Custom Lecterns

Custom Lectern Packages

Custom Lectern Packages

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Bowfront lecterns have an arched top, bowed front and stepped panels on the sides. 3” radius corners can be added to create a unique shape. The side panels can be made to be removable for access to equipment. All Bowfront lecterns are available with height adjust and come standard with your choice of casters or leveling feet. Talk to our designers about how you want your lectern to look.

MLB-32 - MFI #35892™

This Bowfront Style lectern has an aluminum reveal and height adjust. Reference MFI #35892™

MLB-40 - MFI #21992™

This Bowfront style lectern was built to the architects specifications to match the room. Built in the required Rift Cut White Oak, this lectern was also custom stained to match and features a custom metal reveal for detail. The locking pocket doors open to show internal adjustable shelves, standard floor vents, and a floor access panel for cabling. The fixed height keyboard shelf sits below the surface next to a 10" deep open shelf with a back stop. Included in the top was vent slots, Crestron panel cutouts, and a halogen light. Reference MFI #21992™

MLB-40 - MFI #57772™

This curved top Bowfront Lectern has a grained stainless reveal and a cut letter logo in stainless. Reference MFI #57772™

MLBR-40 - MFI #78572™

This hybrid Bowfront and Radius style lectern was made in Formica 912-58 Storm Laminate with Wilson Art #6277 Alumasteel radius corners. A custom angled top was made in Wilson Art D354-60 Designer White laminate with a curved privacy shield and paper stop made to match the Alumasteel laminate radius corners. The top included a custom well for a Viewsonic LCD panel and cutouts for a microphone, Crestron TSW 750, and Extron Cable Cubby 200. A fixed height keyboard shelf sits above the 10 rack unit removable rack box. This lectern did not include optional doors since security was not needed to lock the rack equipment. The notched toe allows for air intake and access to the locking 4" swivel heavy duty casters. Always included in the floor are floor access panels for cable pass and 10 x 10 vents. Reference MFI #78572™

MLB-35 - MFI #76981™

This Bowfront Style lectern has an optional halogen light and is on casters. Reference MFI #76981™

MLB-40 - MFI #81842™

This Bowfront Style lectern is made in Carmel Sagawood laminate and has a shallow reveal lined in aluminum. Reference MFI #81842™

MLB-52 - MFI #27602™

A custom 52" wide Bowfront lectern in Maple. This lectern is designed for a rollout metal rack in the left bay. It has a recessed monitor in an open well, a laptop connection panel cutout, AC outlets and an LCD gooseneck light on the desktop. Other options include a large document camera drawer, locking pocket doors and locking casters accessed through the arched toe. Reference MFI #27602™

MLB-40 - MFI #72822™

An MLB-40 Bowfront lectern in Wilsonart D14-60 Port Laminate with brass metallic laminate reveals. This lectern has a recessed monitor mount, medium cable reservoir in the new gold powder-coat finish. The Shure microphone was provided by Shure for the show. A halogen gooseneck light completes the desktop. This lectern has a pullout keyboard, Locking pocket doors with vent panels, a fixed rack bay, a large pullout work surface, locking casters and a new sliding rear access panel. Reference MFI #72822™

MLB-45 - MFI #76202™

This 45" wide Bowfront lectern has a touch screen monitor mount, a control monitor in the back wall, keyboard shelf, document camera drawer, standard doors and interior shelving. The interior and top are vented. This lectern is on casters. Floor access is provided. Reference MFI #76202™

MLB-45 - MFI #80002™

A custom 45" wide Bowfront lectern in Quarter Sawn Sycamore. A small control monitor is installed in the back wall along with a clock-timer and halogen light. A keyboard shelf and standard doors complete the options. The interior has adjustable shelves. The base and work surface are vented. This lectern is on casters. Floor access is provided. Reference MFI #80002™

MLB-40 - MFI #76981™

This Rift Red Oak, 40" wide lectern has a custom finish. Standard doors cover a cabinet with two adjustable shelves that will hold equipment. A medium cable reservoir provides convenient laptop connection and a gooseneck halogen light completes the work surface. This lectern is on casters and has top and floor ventilation. Floor access is provided. Reference MFI #76981™

MLB - MFI #97591™

Reference MFI #97591™

MLB-71 - MFI #71771™

An MLB-71 in Plain Sliced Cherry with a custom finish. A built-in lightbox was designed and installed on the work surface. The three bays are designed for rollout rack boxes. Both side panels are removable for additional equipment access. Reference MFI #71771™

MLB-40 - MFI #90099™

A custom stained Bowfront design in Lacewood. This lectern has height adjust and as you can see is designed for a tower computer system. The monitor is not visible to the audience as it is recessed in an open well. This lectern is on casters. Reference MFI #90099™

MLB-45 - MFI #02551™

A modified MLB-45 Bowfront design in two colors of plastic laminate. Notice the top does not arch and there are no side plates. Reference MFI #02551™

MLB-35 - MFI #86661™

A Custom Walnut MLB-35 Bowfront. This lectern is on casters. Reference MFI #86661™

MLB-40 - MFI #08001™

An MLB-40 in Cherry stained a custom color. A document camera drawer is installed on the right side. Reference MFI #08001™

MLB-44 - MFI #13311™

An MLB-44 in Slip Matched Sycamore. Reference MFI #13311™

MLB-35 - MFI #11099™

An MLB-35 white glazed Oak. Reference MFI #11099™

MLB-48 - MFI #58751™

This MLB-48 lectern in Custom Quartered Anigre is designed for a computer system. This lectern has height adjust. Reference MFI #58751™

MLB-57 - MFI #44021™

This MLB-57 lectern in Custom Anigre is designed for a computer system and laptop. Notice that our height adjust option does not interfere with the two removable rack boxes. Reference MFI #44021™

MLB-35 - MFI #40099™

This MLB-35 lectern in Dark Brown Walnut is designed for a computer system. It has a document camera drawer in the side. Reference MFI #40099™


A 30" natural Maple lectern.