Industrial Style Custom Lecterns

Our Industrial Style lecterns offer a simplistic and modern touch to any space. They have a simplified lectern construction that consists of an exposed metal base and work surface. From there, options such as height adjust, keyboard shelf, equipment cut outs and your choice of casters or leveling feet can be specified. Talk to our designers about how you'd like your lectern to be configured.

MLI-36 - MFI #07503™

This Industrial Style lectern includes a simple work surface with cord pass. An optional MLM-FIRG lift was used to adjust the surface height from seated to standing. Reference MFI #07503™

MLI-30 - MFI #57503™

This Industrial Style lectern has a touch monitor built into a custom lectern top. The lectern top includes and LED light and duplex outlet, as well as an optional electric feature that allows for the head to tilt.The body below includes the MLM-FIRG height adjust with 18" of vertical range but is wheelchair accessible when lowered. Reference MFI #57503.

MLI-38 - MFI #19082™

This floor mounted, height adjustable lectern has a tapered round laminate top. Reference MFI #19082.