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Bowfront Deep Reveal Style Custom Lecterns

Custom Lectern Packages

Custom Lectern Packages

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A reveal can be added to any of our Bowfront Style lecterns. The reveal can be specified to match the lectern or in a contrasting finish. Just like their regular Bowfront counterparts, the Deep Reveal Style Bowfront is available with height adjust and your choice of casters or leveling feet. Talk to our designers about about your needs.

MLBD-32 - MFI #56603™

This Bowfront Deep Reveal Style lectern has a custom deep reveal pattern and height adjust. Reference MFI #56603™

MLBD-45 - MFI #69072™

This two toned Bowfront Deep Reveal Style lectern was built in one of Marshall Furniture's standard woods and finishes, Black Oak, with a custom deep reveal. The top portion separated by the deep reveal was made in Wilson Art #6277 Alumasteel to complete the look. The standard locking hinged doors open to show internal adjustable shelves, standard floor vents, and floor access panel for cabling that come with all our furniture. The fixed height keyboard shelf sits below the surface area that was made flat for a laptop to sit. Included in the top was vent slots, our medium cable reservoir for the laptop connectivity with additional grommets, and a Littlelite halogen light. The Alumasteel recessed base accents the top and includes heavy duty swivel casters. Reference MFI #69072™

MLBD-65 - MFI #38462™

This lectern has deep reveals, a metal etched logo and front panels that slide open for equipment access. Reference MFI #38462™

MLBD-32 - MFI #60352™

This Bowfront Deep Reveal Style lectern has 3 deep reveals lined in polished gold laminate. The lectern has height adjust shown partially up. Reference MFI #60352™

MLBD-45 - MFI #35442™

This Bowfront Deep Reveal Style lectern has a 1/2" x 3/4" reveal in Platinum laminate. Reference MFI #35442™

MLBD-56 - MFI #58442™

This Bowfront Deep Reveal Style lectern includes an optional brushed aluminum logo with color infill. The two lower panels slide open to give access to equipment. Reference MFI #58442™

MLBD-42 - MFI #52252™

This Bowfront Deep Reveal Style lectern is made in Red plastic laminate with a custom aluminum, deep reveal pattern. Reference MFI #52252™

MLBD-31 - MFI #23822™

A custom 30" wide Bowfront lectern in custom Mahogany finish. This design has a flat top but a curved face and optional deep reveals lined in metallic laminate. The logo is aluminum plate cut into the logo shapes and applied to the surface. The rack box is an option and can be removed to service the rack. A medium cable reservoir allows easy laptop connection. A pullout worksurface completes the options. Reference MFI #23822™