Boat-Shaped Tables

CTB 48 x 144 - MFI #83982™

This table has a solid bullnose edge and box legs with hinged access doors and notched bottoms. Reference MFI #83982™

CTB 216 x 60 - MFI #93362™

The table has a self edged top. The barrel legs have doors to access wiring. A cable trough connects legs. Reference MFI #93362™

CTB - MFI #22099™

This 90" x 40" table is made in African Lacewood veneer with a custom 3" chamfered edge. The credenza base houses a lift mechanism that raises the center of the table to provide laptop connectivity. The base has doors to give access to wiring, the hydraulic lift, and to racked equipment. Hidden vents provide needed airflow. Reference MFI #22099™

CTB - MFI #69441™

This table has a solid wood waterfall edge and barrel legs. The two end barrels include hinged access panels for cable access. Cable troughs run between each barrel for wire management. Reference MFI #69441™

CTB 60x144 - MFI #67271™

This 60" x 144" Maple table has a cable trough, access doors in each leg, and custom connection boxes on top. Reference MFI #67271™

CTB 48x96

This 48" x 96" table in Dark Red Cherry has medium cable reservoirs and hinged access door.