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Rectangle Video Conference and Collaboration Tables

CTR 48 x 96MODi™ - MFI #37133™

Marshall Furniture's new MODi™ style transforms any custom furniture piece into a modern and stylish adaptation. The MODi™ style is defined by its sturdy Aluminum powder coat legs and MODi™ Edge, which consists of a 3/4" top with self edge and painted reverse knife edge. This table surface is Pionite Crackle Crunch laminate and includes an optional cable trough with soft close hinged lid with brush guard and small surface grommets for network cables. The cords below the table are neatly clipped and hidden inside the optional white melamine locking cable trough, which also serves as storage space for power and switchers. Floor power in the room is hidden by the sliding column leg, which can be adjusted on site. This table is available in 23 stock wood veneer finishes, any standard commercially available plastic laminates or custom materials as specified. Reference MFI #37133™

CTR 48 x 48MODi™ - MFI #13233™

This stylish and unique MODi™ style conference table has Aluminum powder coat legs with brackets and leg caps painted Sherwin Williams Oceanside SW6496. The top surface is Wilsonart Slate Grey plastic laminate and includes the reverse knife MODi™ Edge, which was also painted Sherwin Williams Oceanside.  An optional hinged power box was included along with a grey snake wire management channel beneath. This table is available in 23 stock wood veneer finishes, any standard commercially available plastic laminates or custom materials as specified. Reference MFI #13233™

ELCO™-MCRST 42 x 60 - MFI #94813™

This rectangular shaped table was specified to include an optional Extron TeamWork 400. The Integrator Option B Base Style was chosen for additional storage. The top includes an optional Chief bracket for the monitor display. Reference MFI #94813™

CTR 48 x 96 - MFI #43803™

Why settle when you can personalize your video conference or collaboration space with Marshall Furniture. This 4' x 8' table is designed to seat five users. Made with an Apple Ply top, the bold black reveals hide the electric lift that raises and lowers the 32" monitor. Raise the monitor when VC or a collaborative set up is required, or lower it when the room needs to focus on a private conversation, this table can be built to your AV, architectural and user specifications. Below the surface is high and low voltage troughs and a pan that bolts to the underside for the transmitter. The base includes holes for cable management, ventilation and access panels. Ships in 4-6 weeks, fully assembled. 10 year warranty. Reference MFI #43803™

CTR 36 x 60 - MFI #63803™

This rectangular shaped top features a monitor stand at one end for visual presentations. Two satin aluminum grommets allow cord pass to the cable trough underneath the surface. Specify the shape, surface cutout requirements, size for seating and what material and finishes you prefer and Marshall Furniture can help design and build your next table. Ships in 4-6 weeks. 10 year warranty. Reference MFI #63803™

CTR 60 x 150 - MFI #91652™

The table has two credenza bases that allow equipment racks and storage. Reference MFI #91652™

CTR 42 x 72 - MFI #43692™

Model CTR 48 x 96, this custom conference table by Marshall Furniture shows you we can design and build anything. Built in traditional Walnut wood, this table takes on a modern twist with a 3" thick edge wrapped in copper metal. The tapered legs are hollow to conceal the cords carried by the cable troughs under the surface. This table also includes four cable reservoirs, each with hand made, grain matching wooden lids and copper trim to complete the look. Let Marshall Furniture match your existing room by matching moldings, wood and finish, or let us help design and build the furniture for your new room. Ships in 4-6 weeks, 10 year warranty. Reference MFI #43692™

CTR 36 x 168 - MFI #39682™

This table features a self edge, cutouts for specified AV on the top surface and box legs with access panels for service. Reference MFI #39682™

CTR 42 x 72 - MFI #48282™

A rectangular table in Custom Walnut with Satin Brushed Aluminum Inlay and leg edges. The center of the table opens up to allow connections for laptops. Reference MFI #48282™

CTR 60 x 168 - MFI #45099™

This table has a rectangular top with self edge. The barrel legs house equipment and wiring. Reference MFI #45099™

CTR 60 x 168 - MFI #55162-1™

This rectangular table has a self edge, rounded at the corners. In the center of the top is an optional center well with flip up doors for easy laptop and tablet connection. The full cabinet base has access panels and is racked. Reference MFI #55162-1™

CTR 36 x 168 - MFI #73922™

The table top is laminate and has an optional solid eased edge. There are locking access panels in the end legs. Reference MFI #73922™

MFI #51741™

This 192" x 52" conference table in Natural Cherry a self-edged top. Reference MFI #51741™

MFI #61091™

This 132" x 45" table is made from Natural Maple veneer on Appleply plywood with a black quartz insert. The quartz insert has Crestron™ laptop connection popups installed. The plywood edges are polished. Black aluminum legs carry cabling to the floor. A matching credenza also has black quartz accents. Reference MFI #61091™