Radius Classic Style Custom Workstations

MWSRCL-25 - MFI #57182™

This compact workstation features an Ergotron arm and power dome for connectivity. Two side shelves were added while a locking pocket door secures the rack rail inside. The black lock in the locking rear access panel is disguised by the black reveal. Reference MFI #57182™

MWSRCL-25 - MFI #56092™

This compact workstation has a high pressure laminate top, one fixed shelf and one drop leaf, a full rack, vented door, rear access and locking casters. Reference MFI #56092™

MWSRCL-40 - MFI #21382™

This workstation features two fixed side shelves, ventilated locking pocket doors, rack rail and a locking rear access panel. Reference MFI #21382™

MWSRCL-25 - MFI #74391™

This custom Radius Classic Style workstation has twin drop leaves in Black plastic laminate, a matching Black laminate reveal and optional recessed base. The cabinet is racked and there is a removable access panel with hidden locks. Reference MFI #74391™

MWSRCL-25 - MFI #49271™

Specifications for this workstation:

  • Classic Style; Model MWSCSR-25; reference MFI #49271™
  • Wood Species and Cut: quarter cut Figured Anigre.
  • Veneer: AAA/A grade; slip match; sequenced.
  • Finish: Custom stain; #35 sheen; open pore; low VOC precatalyzed lacquer.
  • Construction: Monocoque shell; MDF substrate.
  • Casters: 4" carpet; non-marking; locking; hard plastic wheel.
  • Options: Fixed rack; laminate work surface; drop leaves on both sides; AC outlets hidden in black reveal; pocket door; custom gallery rail; locking rear access panel.