Custom Command Stations

MDCC-144 - MFI #16272™

Custom command desk made for two people in Wilson Art Dove Grey plastic laminate. For durability, the edges have been made with solid Oak wood with a bullnose profile. Surface grommets run along the back for monitor cable pass. Each bay is equipped with adjustable shelving for equipment, floor holes for cable pass and floor vents. The front has three separate locking access panels for service. The desk sits on leveling feet. Reference MFI #16272™

MDCC-157 - MFI #04932™

Hand crafted custom studio furniture made in our Brown Cherry wood finish. Designed for use in a control room classroom, this rack ensemble provides an L-shaped workstation when paired with a large mixing console. Dual 2-bay angle faced racks hold the bulk of the equipment. The custom shaped corner cabinet also holds racked equipment in the body with 12RU in the work surface for patchbays. The solid wood edge profile matches the profile on the mixing console. All (3) pieces are on leveling casters. Reference MFI #04932™

MDCC-54 - MFI #34552™

The top on this command center desk angles up or down electrically to allow the user to stand or sit more comfortably while they work. The sliding monitor mount allows the monitor to be moved left or right. Multiple monitors are possible. Reference MFI #34552™

MWSA-92 - MFI #76531™

This custom Angled Command Center has a laminate top section trimmed in Natural Maple. It is designed for a video control room with five racks of equipment and storage space. The front work table is removable to allow convenient access to the racks. Reference MFI #76531™

Specifications for this workstation:

  • Wood Species and Cut: plain sliced Natural Maple
  • Veneer: AAA/A grade; book match; sequenced
  • Finish: Natural color; #35 sheen; open pore; low VOC precatalyzed lacquer
  • Construction: Monocoque shell; MDF substrate
  • Levelers: Adjustable
  • Options: Fixed rack; recessed monitor mounts; rear access panels.