Flat Panel Style Custom Workstations

MWSFP-29 - MFI #02452

This custom evidence cart was made to match the existing millwork in the courtroom. This cabinet was made to house an Extron Cable Cubby 300 in the top surface, left and right hand side drop down drawer fronts with a dual sliding out shelf for evidence presentation, locking pocket doors for security, 9 front and rear rack units and a hidden lock rear access panel. The floor includes an opening for cable pass with a 10 x 10 floor vent and locking casters for mobility. Reference MFI #02452.

MWSFP-50 - MFI #42351™

This Flat Panel Style workstation has a flush top with optional wood edge. Options include hidden removable access panels. Reference MFI #42351™

Specifications for this workstation:

  • Wood Species and Cut: rift cut White Oak.
  • Veneer: AAA/A grade; book match; sequenced.
  • Finish: Custom stain; #35 sheen; open pore; low VOC precatalyzed lacquer.
  • Construction: Monocoque shell; MDF substrate.
  • Casters: 4" carpet; non-marking; hard plastic wheel.
  • Options: Medium cable reservoirs; pullout shelves; EEF; flat panel pocket doors; custom rear access panels.

MWSFP-25 - MFI #97812™

This Flat Panel Style workstation was handmade to match an existing courtrooms architectural detail. Each side has a slide out shelf for document or evidence presentation with a medium cable reservoir located on the top surface to power a laptop. The body below features locking pocket doors for security with hidden locking casters for mobility and easy maneuvering in the courtroom. Reference MFI #97812™