Top Options

All surfaces come standard with a flat top but can be customized around integrated equipment to maximize user performance.

ADA-Wheelchair Work Surfaces

Lecterns and workstations that require rack or internal storage can compromise reach ranges for seated individuals. Make any lectern or workstation wheelchair accessible by having the entire work surface pull forward. Six ADA wheelchair work surface options are available to ensure users have adequate knee space and proper access to surface equipment.

Flat Top

The flat top comes as a standard feature and is a no-charge option. It includes a back wall for connection panels, control panels, and AC outlets but can be designed as a continuous flat surface.

Wedge Top

The wedge top option includes a partial back wall that helps maximize your flat workspace. A wedge can be made for your control panel, interface or monitor.

Motorized Adjustable Work Surface

Touch a button and the work surface angles up or down to hold papers just where you want them. Various adjustments.

Slant Top

The slant top is a no-charge option. It makes papers easier to read and is also used with touch-screen monitors to provide an unbroken work surface.

Split Top

Use the split top option to provide a reading and touch-screen area plus a flat surface for laptops. The size of the two areas is customizable.

Rotating Top

Courtrooms and city council chambers often request a lectern top that can turn 180°. A release pin and positive stop make the change easy and the stop prevents cables from twisting. The top can be either flat or slanted.

Electric Adjustable Top

Touch a button and the work surface angles up or down to hold papers just where you want them. Infinite adjustment.

Roll Top

We can add a solid hardwood roll top to most lecterns and mixing consoles. Pricing depends on size and wood species.


Wilsonart Nevamar Pionite Formica

Protect your work surface in any commercially available high pressure laminate colors from these brands at no additional charge.  Other brands are available but may affect pricing and lead times. Contact Marshall Furniture for laminate samples. Colors shown below are amongst the most popular:

Wilsonart8482; Frosty White
Frosty White
Wilsonart8482; Dove Grey
Dove Grey
Wilsonart8482; Slate Grey
Slate Grey
Wilsonart8482; Black