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Lecterns and Workstations with Height Adjust

For ADA compliant wheelchair accessibility, our lifts are combined with the ADA-Wheelchair Work Surface option to ensure proper knee-space allowance and equal access to surface controls. For non-ADA, adding a lift allows users of varying heights to adjust the surface to their desired position.

MLM-FIRG Electric Lift FIRG $1,500
MLM-ATU Electric Lift ATU $2,100
MLM-HDM4 4 Piston Electric Lift HDM4 $3,600
MLM-HDM6 6 Piston Electric Lift HDM6 $3,950

MLM-HDM Performance: 750 or 1,200 lb capacity; 5 ½", 8", or 12" range. Operation is quiet, stable, smooth, and fast. Unbalanced loads lift perfectly straight.
MLM-ATU Performance: 500 lb capacity; has an 8" or 12" range.
MLM-FIRG Performance: 168 lb capacity; has an 18" range.

Height adjust can be added to many of our custom lectern styles and workstations. The products highlighted below represent previously built units that included a lift. This is not a comprehensive list, however. Please contact us so that we can design a piece specific to your particular height adjust needs.


MWSP-32-ADA - MFI #58133™

This Prairie Style ADA workstation has custom reveals and optional solid molding on the top and bottom. This piece utilizes optional MLM-HDM4 height adjust for sit to stand capability and our ADA pullout work surface, MRWS-K-LT for wheelchair accessibility. Internally, 10 fixed rack units were included along with a hidden rear access panel and locking pocket doors. On the surface, users have access to a VESA-mounted 20" monitor, Crestron touch panel and AC-USB power. This piece was finished in our standard Brown Walnut wood veneer while the surface is Nevamar Cocoa Bean laminate. Available in 23 stock wood veneer finishes, any standard commercially available plastic laminates or custom materials as specified. Reference MFI #58133.

MWSCS-32 - MFI #82913™

This technology-friendly ADA Workstation includes several options to meet accessibility guidelines. First, a locking pullout work surface, MRWS-K-LT, provides a space saving solution that ensures that proper reach ranges are met when equipment storage is located below. Second, the MLM-HDM4 height adjust was added to create a seated to standing work space. Fixed rack rail is located below the pullout surface, while rear hinged doors allow for internal access. To create an architecturally engaging design, Jute and Mazagran laminate were alternated vertically across the lectern body, separated by an flush aluminum reveal. The lift base and work surface were specified in Jute laminate while the pocket locking doors were finished in Mazagran laminate. Modern wire pulls were used in lieu of our standard 1-1/2" knobs. Reference MFI #82913™

MLHEX-40 - MFI #65713™

This 40" wide Hexagon style lectern features an optional wedge-shaped lectern top. The top was specified with a medium cable reservoir and cutout for a Crestron TSW 1060. The front of the lectern has an illuminated plexi-glass logo on stainless steel stand offs. The body below has the MLM-ATU height adjust option for a standing position but also lowers for wheel chair accessibility. This lectern is available in 23 stock wood veneer finishes, any standard commercially available plastic laminates or custom materials or finishes as specified. Reference MFI #65713™

MLR-45 - MFI #81903™

This 45" wide Radius Style lectern is built in Formica Folkstone laminate and includes an optional hidden access panel with contrasting recessed base. The work surface was designed with a split top which includes space for a Smart SP524 in the angled portion with a compact cable reservoir and LED light in the flat. A fixed height keyboard shelf, locking pocket doors, fixed rails and MLM-HDM4 lift were also add on options. Standard features include floor panels for cable pass and ventilation. Reference MFI #81903™

MLCS-35 - MFI #92913™

This model MLCS-35 is a stylish lectern that seamlessly blends architectural elements with integrated technology. In addition to standard ventilation and casters for mobility, it includes an optional MLM-HMD4 lift, optional pocket locking doors, fixed rack rail, full-front locking access panel, a decorative keyboard shelf , electric pop-up monitor mount and side pullout shelf. The overhanging surface was designed with a solid reverse chamfered edge for durability and elegance. The lift base and vertical shallow reveal were done in a white laminate. Reference MFI #92913™

MLP-38 - MFI #99792™

A 38" wide Prairie Style lectern in custom stained Rift White Oak includes MLM-HDM4 height adjust. The top includes control and interface cutouts while the notched sides open up the work space. A fixed height keyboard shelf and small accessory drawer are located below the laminated work surface, while locking pocket doors provide security for the fixed rack. A hidden lock rear service panels allows for internal rack access. Floor panels for cable pass and ventilation are always included. Reference MFI #99792™

MLI-36 - MFI #07503™

This Industrial Style lectern includes a simple work surface with cord pass. An optional MLM-FIRG lift was used to adjust the surface height from seated to standing. Reference MFI #07503™

MLCS-30 - MFI #00603™

Marshall Furniture offers custom veneer and height adjust solutions. This Model MLCS-30 custom lectern in Walnut veneer, shows reverse diamond pattern wood panels with a Natural Aluminum metal accent reveal on the front. The MLM-HDM4 height adjust option was added to allow the user to raise and lower 8" to their preferred standing position. Built into the top is a custom recessed well for a monitor, power port and grommets for cable pass. Inside the locking pocket door is front and rear rack. The accent reveal hides the hinged doors on the front that swing open to access the cabling inside the cabinet. Standard features shown include floor panel for cable pass and ventilation. Reference MFI #00603™

MLHEX-37 - MFI #94303™

This Hexagon Style lectern was built with the standard angled top and shaped body. As an accent, white acrylic was used around the sides and as the top. The MLM-ATU height adjust was added as an option. Reference MFI #94303™

MLI-30 - MFI #57503™

This Industrial Style lectern has a touch monitor built into a custom lectern top. The lectern top includes and LED light and duplex outlet, as well as an optional electric feature that allows for the head to tilt.The body below includes the MLM-FIRG height adjust with 18" of vertical range but is wheelchair accessible when lowered. Reference MFI #57503.

MWSP-32 - MFI #69672™

This Prairie Style workstation was built in Red Oak with stock Black finish. Designed for ADA wheelchair accessibility, this workstation features the MRWS-LT ADA work surface top option that can slide over the users lap. A special T-handle releases the surface to pull forward over a user's lap while allowing for the proper ADA reach ranges. An optional MLM-HDM4 height adjust option was added along with a custom metal plaque. Reference MFI #69672.

MLP-48 - MFI #34282™

This Prairie Style lectern is in Brown Cherry wood with standard reveal pattern, locking rear access panel and MLM-HDM4 height adjust. A recessed LCD well, Cable Cubby cutout and medium cable reservoir complete the top while the fixed height keyboard shelf and open storage cubby sit below the surface. Standard locking doors secure the 12 front and rear rack units and internal adjustable shelf. Floor panel and floor vents are standard features along with the 4" swivel carpet casters. Reference MFI #34282™

MLP-30 - MFI #85282™

This Prairie Style lectern offers a unique two toned look with custom reveal lines. Included as options on the angled surface is a surface grommet, pencil stop and a solid wood hand rail with clear LED lighting underneath. This lectern offers the MLM-HDM4 height adjust option that allows the body to raise and lower 8". Inside the cabinet is a pullout shelf with adjustable shelving below for equipment. The left and right dark toned sides conceal a hidden drop leaf shelf for additional surface space when needed while the front of the lectern offers a stunning hand painted front panel laser burn. Also included is a floor access panel for cable pass, floor vents and casters. Reference MFI #85282™

MWSP-32 - MFI #05182™

This 32" wide Prairie style compact ADA workstation, Model MWSP 32, is featured in Wilson Art# 6257 Satin Brushed Natural Aluminum Laminate with a Graphite Nebula Hard Pressure Laminate Work Surface. The unique features include an exposed piston lift, Model MLM-HDM4, that raises 8" to a standing position. The top includes the optional MRWS-K-LT ADA work surface which uses a special handle that releases the surface to pull forward over a users lap while allowing for the proper ADA reach ranges. Inside the cabinet is 13 front and rear rack units, locking pocket doors and a hidden lock rear access panel for service. The top surface includes a surface VESA mounted LCD panel, AC with USB outlet, grommets and top vent slots along with a fixed height keyboard shelf. Floor vents, a floor panel, surge protector and casters complete the cabinet. Reference MFI #05182.

MELC-45 - MFI #33122™

This 45" wide Ellipse Style lectern is in Classic Mahogany. The angled surface includes a touch screen monitor mount, halogen light, clock timer and microphone. A fixed height keyboard shelf sits above the standard locking doors that secure the 10 rack unit removable rack box. The floor vent and floor panel are standard features. The toe is notched when the lift raises for air intake as well as access to the 4" swivel locking carpet casters. This lectern has the optional MLM-HDM4 height adjust. Reference MFI #33122™

MRP-35 - MFI #81072™

This Raised Panel style lectern in Walnut wood with a natural finish is a two panel layout with straight sides. The MLM-HDM4 height adjust option was added to raise and lower the lectern. The surface includes the optional MRWS-K-LTM ADA pullout surface which includes a recessed monitor mount and fixed height keyboard shelf. Raised panel standard locking doors secure the 9 front and rear rack units while a hidden lock rear access panel allows for service. Floor panels and floor vents are included as standard features. Reference MFI #81072™

MLP-36 - MFI #61052™

This custom Prairie Style lectern is in Black Oak and has the MLM-HDM4 height adjust. The entire work surface pulls out to accommodate a presenter in a wheelchair, option MRWS-K-LT, which includes a fixed height keyboard shelf and an angled back wall for control panel or interface cutouts. A side pullout shelf was added for additional surface space, while standard locking doors below secure the equipment inside. A floor panel and floor vent are standard. Reference MFI #61052™

MWSP-30 - MFI #38342™

This custom Prairie Style workstation is in Classic Cherry and was designed to be ADA compliant. The MLM-HDM4 height adjust feature raises the lectern 8". The MRWS ADA rollout work surface allows a person in a wheelchair or on a stool to comfortably use either a resident computer or a laptop. An internal adjustable shelf, floor panel and floor vent are all standard features. Reference MFI #38342™