Furniture Bases

Metal Base

Add a metal base to any of our custom pieces to create a more modern feel. The base can be designed for mobility or left on leveling feet. Each base is customized around the shape, size, material and finish of the furniture.

Full to the Floor Base

A full-to-the-floor base is standard on most lecterns and is never an extra charge.

Recessed Base

A recessed base is available on most lectern styles that don't have it as standard. A recessed base helps protect the lectern from damage from vacuum cleaners. When ordered as an option there is an extra charge.

Rotating Base

A rotating base allows any lectern style to turn 180°. This base is used by courts, city counsels, and law schools to allow a quick change of audience. The design allows the lectern to turn without damaging wiring. A simple release mechanism controls the movement. The turning mechanism is completely hidden.