Make Your Furniture ADA Wheelchair Accessible

AV Furniture can be designed for ADA wheelchair accessibility. Determine if side or forward reach is necessary and talk to a designer about how this can be achieved for your design.


Forward Reach Considerations

FrontReach 190

For the optimal user experience:

Lecterns, Desks & Instructor Stations:
When choosing a lectern, desk, or instructor station, ADAPT-able™ furniture solutions provide an equal user experience for seated and standing individuals. Electric height adjustment is included for standing positions, and when the lift is lowered, space is not compromised for the seated user preferences. The design will also account for surface components and objects the user needs to engage with intentionally placed for forward reach.

Depending on user preferences, kiosks can be custom designed for either forward or side reach. The design will account for an open knee space for a forward approach or screens to be intentionally placed for a side reach.

When budget and access are limited:

Lecterns, Desks & Instructor Stations
A forward reach can be achieved with a fixed or secondary surface such as a side shelf when designing a podium, instructor station, or desk. This is typically chosen when height adjust is not viable for the budget or user experience.

Side Reach Considerations

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When limited access is required:

Lecterns & Instructor Stations:
Podiums and instructor stations can be custom designed with an appropriate dimensional reach range when limited access is required.

When budget and access are limited:

Lecterns & Instructor Stations:
When the budget and access are limited, an economic consideration for podiums and instructor stations is to add a side shelf. The side shelf will offer a working space for limited interaction, and when AV equipment is not engaged with or others are available for reach assistance.