MFLEX Tables


Modern-day meeting spaces, teaching stations, multi-purpose rooms, and training tables require functional flexibility for the optimal user experience. The FIT TBL tables provide flexibility and reliability for quick interactions, meeting spaces, collaboration, or break-out sessions.

The FIT TBL tables allow for versatile designs that can be easily adapted for any space. Designed as an instructor station, side table, or small conference or collaboration table, the FIT TBL provides functionality and modern appeal to compliment your unique space. Choose your top finish or material choice, select from a variety of legs, and add options such as surface lights, power outlets, and cable troughs for cable management; the selection process is simple and intuitive.

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Our furniture is sold exclusively through AV Systems and Contract Furnishing dealers worldwide. Let us know if you are working with one, or we can help find one in your area.

Side View
Side View
2 inch Round Leg
2" Round Leg
2 inch Side Angled Leg
2" Side Angled Leg
2 inch Bent Angled Leg
2" Bent Angled Leg