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CTC 2017 Product Showcase

If you are heading to this year's Courtroom Technology Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, held from September 12-14, be sure to stop by Marshall Furniture's booth, #608, to view some fantastic courtroom tech pieces. As a custom shop, we are able to accommodate a variety of equipment and architectural needs into each of our builds. Thanks to our versatility, our products are perfect for many different court spaces, whether they be more ornate, require high-tech component integration or have a particular room set-up.


Below is a sneak peek at the (6) furniture pieces we will be showcasing at the conference to give you an idea of what we offer. If these particular units don't suit your taste, keep in mind that we can always design your next courtroom build around many of your individual parameters.

Piece #1: MLP-32 Custom Prairie Style Lectern

Perfect for opening statements, pleading a case or addressing a witness, including a lectern in your court space compliments the surrounding furniture and provides individuals with a more official format for presentation. Customization of your lectern can be done around an assortment of factors including technology, work surface needs and storage capabilities as well as aesthetic properties and finish.

This particular build was equipped with a cable reservoir and touch panel cut out for cable management and operation of room controls. In addition, a side pullout shelf was specified for additional work surface space in cases requiring the use of a document camera or laptop. The side pullout shelf is flush with the lectern side when closed, which creates a seamless, high-end appearance. Internally, 14 rack units were included for stored equipment to run the touch panel and wireless room components. Pocket locking doors were built on the back to keep the equipment safe while a locking access panel provides service accessibility from the front. Again, to keep the appearance sleek and seamless, our hidden locking system was used on the access panel to eliminate any visible hardware. Finally, our rotating base mechanism, which is a popular court space option, was included on this build to allow presenters to face multiple audiences. The rotating base can be set at a maximum interval of 180 degrees and can be specified to stop at multiple points along the way.

Along with multiple user-friendly options and accommodations for technology, the aesthetics of this lectern were meant to match other pieces in the space while presenting a high-end, traditional feel. Solid molding profiles were incorporated on the top and base of the piece. The solid wood accents, especially the base, also provide a layer of security from bumps or scratches from feet or a vacuum.

Part #2, #3 & #4: MDP-123 Custom Prairie Style Desks: Judge's Bench, Witness Stand & Clerk's Station

Probably one of the more important pieces, as it is the central focus of the court space, is the Judge's Bench. Because of its importance, the Judge's Bench tends to be one of the more ornate, high-end pieces in a court space.

For this bench, several surface components were included to create a space for the judge to access information quickly and efficiently. For example, a recessed well for a 24"dedicated monitor was specified. This provides a way for the judge to keep track of the day's court cases or access any electronically stored evidence during the proceedings. In addition, a cable reservoir and touch panel cut out were provided for the same reasons as the lectern: cable management and room/equipment control. Below, a locking access panel was designed to allow service of any cabling from these components and to access any floor boxes that would provide the technology with power. From there, a document shelf was built into the desk front as a surface for attorneys or defendants to present information. This shelf is removable and typically ships separately from the desk to prevent damage and allow easy maneuverability into the space during installation.

Flanking either side are the Witness Stand and Clerk's Station. In this case, they were built as separate entities from the Judge's Bench and then fitted with pre-drilled holes for assembly on-site. However, we can design and construct these pieces a variety of ways, in many different sizes or at an angle, depending on the court set-up. For these (2) particular pieces, both included surface grommets for cable passage. They are intended for simple laptop connectivity. Below, they have cable passage to floor boxes for power.

All three desks are designed with the same molding as the lectern to match. They include a solid handrail and base profile. When connected, the molding along the base of the Witness Stand and Clerk's Station matches up perfectly with that on the Judge's Bench. The finish on the desks, a custom Cherry, is the same as the lectern for consistency.

Piece #5: MST-24 x 48 Custom Side Table: Attorney Table

Attorney Tables can be made a variety of ways, from simple tops with straight metal legs to traditional, built-up entities that match the other room items. For this piece, we opted to match the table to the ensemble of other furniture by repeating the same molding profiles and custom Cherry finish.  

On the surface you'll find grommets for cable passage to power, perfect for laptops or other small technology connectivity. Cables pass through the grommets into the legs, which are hollow and have floor holes to connect to floor boxes for power. The cables can be serviced through locking access panels on the inside of each leg.

To add a level of modesty to the seated presenter, a panel was built between the legs half-way up. There is ample knee space for a seated user, including the proper width, height and depth to accommodate a wheelchair.

Piece #6: MKT-24 Custom Traditional Style Kiosk

More and more, courts are updating their space to be more tech friendly and efficient. It simply makes information easier to gather and display. Plus, jury selection and check-in become more manageable when automated, time-saving systems are put into place. That is where the specification of a custom kiosk comes into play.

Although the technology is central to creating an efficient court space, enclosing it in an architectural framework not only allows it to blend more seamlessly with the rest of the space but also offers another layer of security to the equipment. On this piece, we designed a locking frame around a 24" touch display. The frame is properly ventilated with exhaust slots at the top and bottom. The center column acts as a storage c compartment. Switchers, laptops or small control panels can be stored within this area and are easily accessed via a locking access panel on the front. At the bottom, a notch was added to allow cables to pass from the storage space to a wall outlet. The bottom can also be cut out for passage to an existing floor box.

This particular unit was finished in Black Cherry, unlike the rest of the pieces in the booth. This was done to exemplify its versatility as either a foyer check-in point or an in-court document display. Since clients can utilize the kiosk so many different ways, it was important for us to showcase a different stylistic element and finish.

Again, these items are just a taste of the endless possibilities available from Marshall Furniture. Coupled with technology accommodation, we have knowledge regarding ADA requirements and furniture guidelines for wheelchair accessibility. Our products have the ability to be designed with height adjust or with custom options to meet proper access requirements for varying disabilities. In addition, we offer color matching services to ensure your furniture fits seamlessly in your court space and can design around any existing millwork such as risers or partitions to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

Whether you're looking for simple mock courtroom furniture or an ornate set-up for a long-established court house, we have you covered. Call us today to discuss in more detail with any our knowledgeable design and sales team.  

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