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Handshakes & Hellos

First, a little self-promotion:

Hello all and welcome to Marshall Furniture's new blog! Here, we endeavor to discuss a variety of topics related to custom AV furniture, from the nature of custom furniture and wood construction to tradeshow basics and trending AV products. Our goal is to post monthly, so follow us to keep up-to-date with our blog. Please also check out our Facebook page, Pinterest page, Twitter feed and LinkedIn profile as we routinely post interesting and note-worthy news about MFI. We will also be sure to inform viewers on these social media platforms whenever there is a new post here.


Now, to us and who we are:

If you're not familiar with Marshall Furniture, please allow us to give you a basic introduction to our background and the work that we do.

We are a custom furniture shop located in Northern Illinois. At our warehouse, we coordinate all details of each furniture design through our office sales team and build the actual furniture on-site within our 26,000 square foot facility.

What does "custom" really mean, you ask? Manufacturing custom furniture for us means that we design and build our pieces around each customer's functionality requirements, material specifications and their stipulations regarding size and appearance. Our pieces are built for a variety of commercial applications and typically include lecterns, workstations, desks, tables, cabinets and frames. What about the “integration-friendly” part? Well, all our furniture is also built to accommodate whatever each customer's audiovisual system requires, such as monitors, touch panels, rack-mounted equipment, cable cubbies and microphones.

So, now that you're intrigued and perhaps looking to get a furniture piece of your own, what now? Well, Marshall Furniture sells exclusively through AV integrators and contract furnishing dealers worldwide. Our dealers routinely work as an intermediary between us and the customer. They not only ensure each customer is utilizing the correct equipment for their space, but also inform us of the specified technology so we can establish fit and function within every piece of furniture. Our dealers act as a support system to facilitate any necessary modifications or repairs to the furniture and ultimately bring us business for future endeavors.

“But how will I know I'm getting exactly what I want?” Well, at Marshall Furniture, we provide design services that are free to customers, dealers, architects and consultants. Our design/sales team generate 2D and 3D drawings based on discussions about the desired piece. On our drawings, we will call out the equipment to be provided by the dealer, furniture dimensions, amenities provided by Marshall Furniture and material, if known. We'll revise and revise and revise some more until what you see is what you want.

Still unsure how to proceed? Give us a ring to talk to any one of our five designers. We'll answer any questions you may have and help you get your project started.

Speaking of, let's get to some introductions please:

For those of you familiar with us, you've probably talked and worked with one or more of the people listed below.

Our sales/design team:

Marshall Furniture Sales Team

Joyce Nemenyi, Michelle Wille, Tom Feldkamp, Adam Fischer and Ariel Hammond

Our designers are the main line of communication when it comes to every aspect of your furniture design. You can check out our website to contact any of them directly or just go the old-fashioned route and phone us. We'll be here, patiently awaiting your call.

Let's get a little off-subject for a moment:

Here's another tidbit about Marshall Furniture: We've got some non-human employees too.

One quick glance at our Facebook page and you'll know that Marshall Furniture is dog-friendly. Currently, a full house for us is six dogs roaming the office and shop. Needless to say, there's never a dull moment around here! Unfortunately though, unlike above, we can't claim as much help with your furniture design from our non-human employees. But they're really more interested in chasing after a ball anyway.

At the moment, we have two sets of furry siblings and a full spectrum of ages.

Our canine employees:

Canine Team

Hana, Cooper, Pearl, Sophie, Rose and Julie

So, as they say, in conclusion:

We hope you've gotten to know us a little better.

Keep us in mind for any of your custom AV furniture needs. We've been at this for over 20 years and we consider ourselves one of the best in the business. Our commitment to providing our customers with quality-crafted furniture is what drives us forward. Marshall Furniture is here to help bring your project to life!

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