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Technology, Style and Inclusivity: Marshall Furniture's ADA Workstation


At Marshall Furniture, we pride ourselves on being able to provide customers with exactly what they need. Recently, there has been a surge in overhauling spaces to meet ADA (for good reason).

As a result, the question has been how to properly meet accessibility guidelines without impeding space or AV component integration. The ubiquitous solution to most ADA dilemmas is to simply add height adjust. However, we found that this does not meet most major ADA furniture parameters. For example, implementing proper reach range measurements by providing equal access to equipment and wheelchair space allowance are also big factors in ADA. Blending that into an already compact furniture solution, however, can be a daunting task. That is where our ADA workstation solution comes in. We began by engineering a pullout work surface option to tackle the three main issues: knee space, equipment access and wheelchair clearance parameters. This surface solution can be seamlessly integrated into any of our custom workstations, which, when combined with height adjust, fulfills essential ADA needs while still allowing for customization around user style and equipment needs.

The skeleton of any custom ADA workstations consists of several elements. The first of these is height adjust. Thought to be the most essential element to meeting ADA, an electronically controlled lift provides variability for presenters.

MWSP-30 Prairie Style ADA Workstation in Classic Cherry - Front View MWSP-30 Prairie Style ADA Workstation in Classic Cherry - Front View Raised Position

The main star of the show though is the pullout work surface. It is the ultimate multipurpose solution, addressing a more wide range of ADA issues than height adjust, which, on its own, does not allow for proper technology accessibility and ignores the lack of equality that exists when there is not enough space for a wheelchair.

MWSP-30 Prairie Style ADA Workstation in Classic Cherry - Pullout Work Surface

In its open state, the pullout work surface option does a variety of things. For one, a knee space and usable work surface at proper height has been created. Secondly, all technology on the surface is now equally available to the seated presenter. And third, the offset surface gives way to clear space for a wheelchair.

From there, the aesthetics and technology integration of the unit can be customized as needed. Incorporate full rack for amplifiers and switchers, articulating arms for monitors and cut outs for touch panels and microphones. Specify a particular laminate or utilize our custom finish match services. We can integrate particular room moldings or inlay metal to create a more modern feel. There are endless ways to customize the visual presentation of your piece.

ADA Workstation in Brown WalnutMWSFRP-40 ADA Frame & Panel Style Workstation in Light Red Mahogany - Pullout SurfaceMWSCS-32 ADA Classic Style Workstation in Jute & Mazagran Laminate - Work Surface Extended

If you are looking for a compact ADA solution, look no further than Marshall Furniture's ADA Workstation. Not only does it provide for major accessibility parameters but with our extensive experience designing around technology and architecture, you can be sure you're getting a one-of-a-kind piece that will last for many years!

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