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The Monitor Problem: Storage Solutions For Video Conferencing Spaces


With the rise of technology comes more ways to practice effective collaboration. Because the focus has drifted toward the meeting room table and all the bells and whistles needed to make it AV friendly, the dedicated monitor for video chats sometimes becomes an afterthought.

Storing it in the conference table or on a wall is sometimes the easiest solution but for multi-purpose spaces, customers may not always want the monitor to be visible. It takes up a lot of space when housed at the end of a table and in some instances, there is simply not enough real estate to mount it on the wall. For these reasons, many have turned to specifying monitor lift cabinets. These units not only store the monitor out of sight, they act as a great storage solution for any wireless technology and can be customized to match the aesthetics of the room or collaboration table.

One of the greatest aspects of a monitor lift cabinet is simply being able to conceal a screen when you don't need it. Specifying a custom solution also allows you to be able to lift and lower any size monitor or a dual solution.

Monitor Cabinet Monitor Cabinet

Simply indicate the make and model of the monitor(s) you intend to use. This will help determine the proper lift mechanism to accommodate all the parameters of the chosen equipment and will also dictate the overall footprint of the cabinet.

Since the monitor is contained within an enclosed cabinet, it provides a dual storage solution. Any technology needed to wire the room or run the monitor can be housed within the lift cabinet. Furthermore, if a complete racked system needs to be incorporated, we can tack on a side cabinet. This rack space includes a service panel and can be specified with a locking door.

Monitor Cabinet

Just like the main monitor compartment, any additional storage spaces will include exhaust ventilation and floor holes for cable passage. Floor vents will also be provided as a standard to bring in cool air from the ground.

Lastly, as with all our custom products, monitor lift cabinets can be designed around a variety of architectural elements. Whether it be specific hardware, a color match or a non-traditional shape, we can provide a piece to blend into any existing or new space. Our free design services mean that we can draft a visual representation of your design before anything is built.

Monitor Cabinet Monitor Cabinet

For many, the main idea of collaboration is to have a dedicated meeting space with a conference or huddle table. However, visually sharing ideas or communicating with long distance customers or remote employees is best achieved through video. This creates a monitor storage dilemma. Instead of tacking it onto a room surface as an afterthought, consider specifying an all-in-one storage cabinet. Not only do you have a way to make your space video conference-friendly, you have supplementary storage space for a variety of other things.

To make sure your collaboration space is set-up for success, contact our knowledgeable design team to discuss your monitor lift cabinet needs.

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