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ELCO-DUO12 in Wild Cherry Melamine Finish

ARCO-VTC-CR1 in Slate Grey Melamine Body with Nevamar Laminate Finish Panels and Doors

ELCO-MCMC-43 in Black Melamine Finish

Marshall Furniture has Quick Ship furniture solutions for your multimedia storage or monitor display. Whether you need something multi-purpose, like a mobile AV cabinet or monitor cart, or furniture to store a confidence monitor display for your next presentation or speech, we offer several fully assembled solutions that ship in 10-30 days.

Mobile display carts and cabinets are sized to fit a variety of different sized displays and all pieces come standard with passive ventilation and cable passage to ensure fit and function.

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ELCO™ Series Mobile Carts, Monitor Display Carts and Confidence Monitor Furniture

Quick Ship ELCO™-DUO Mobile Cart Quick Ship ELCO™-VS Mobile Display Stand Quick Ship ELCO™-VTC Monitor Display Cart Quick Ship ELCO™-FLEX Confidence Monitor Cabinet

The ELCO Series is a versatile and simple style choice suitable for many spaces and functions. Available as a mobile monitor display cart, mobile technology cart, or confidence monitor cabinet, the ELCO Series has a broad range of choices, making it the most popular in the Quick Ship line.


4 Styles/Variable Sizes
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ARCO™ Series Mobile Carts and Monitor Display Carts

Quick Ship ARCO™-CR Mobile Cart Quick Ship ARCO™-VTC-CR1 Monitor Display Cart Quick Ship ARCO™-VTC-CR2 Monitor Display Cart

Available with pre-packaged interior configurations, the ARCO Series mobile carts are available with stock or custom architectural panel choices to match any space.


2 Styles/2 Sizes
Melamine IconLaminate IconWood Veneer IconPaint Grade Icon

TRIO™ Series Mobile Carts and Monitor Display Carts

Quick Ship TRIO™-PORT Mobile Cart Quick Ship TRIO™-VTC Display Cart

The TRIO Series carts are functional, reliable, and integration ready, available with many standard features. Serving as a mobile cart or monitor display cart, both models include exposed casters for high mobility.


2 Styles/2 Sizes
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Confidence Monitor FAQ

What is a confidence monitor?

A confidence monitor is a screen that sits at the foot of the stage to display the current slide or lyrics to the speaker or performer. Confidence monitors are sometimes called downstage monitors (DSM) or “rock ‘n’ roll” monitors because they are often used in stage shows, though they are also used in corporate, academic, and religious settings like meeting rooms, auditoriums, or worship halls.

What’s the difference between a confidence monitor and a teleprompter?

Confidence monitors and teleprompters serve similar purposes, but function differently. 

A teleprompter typically consists of a camera, monitor, and mirror that allow the speaker to look into the camera or out into the audience while reading from a script that scrolls by. 

A confidence monitor sits on the floor and displays useful information such as text, lyrics, or slides so the speaker or performer can glance at it without turning their back to the audience.

How big of a confidence monitor do I need?

Confidence monitors typically range from 32” to 60”. The size depends on the space in which it will be used, with a large stage requiring larger screens than a smaller meeting room. Our designers can assist you in determining the correct size for your needs.

Where are confidence monitors used?

Confidence monitors are commonly used in stage shows, opera halls, auditoriums, lecture halls, conference rooms, or anywhere a speaker or performer is in front of an audience.

How many confidence monitors do I need?

For large stages, 2-3 confidence monitors may be used so the speakers and performers are free to move around the stage without worrying they won’t be able to see their prompts. In smaller settings where the speaker remains stationary, such as conference rooms, 1-2 monitors may be sufficient. 

What are the benefits of a confidence monitor?

A speaker can use a confidence monitor to see what slide is up on the big screen behind them without turning around while also getting useful information like the time remaining or previews of the next slide. If multiple confidence monitors are arranged around the stage, you are freed from standing behind a podium so you can move about freely without losing your visual prompts. Actors and singers can use the monitor to see their lines or song lyrics. Pastors can queue up their sermon.