ELCO™-RL Height Adjust Desks

ELCO™-RL Height Adjust Desks

Model ELCO™-72RL
ELCO™ RL desks provide a modern yet affordable height adjust solution for any classroom or training space. These Quick Ship ADA height adjust desks ship fully assembled in 30 days, are available in any of our 13 stock melamine colors and come in 35" or 72" wide versions, both sized for wheelchair accessibility. The 35" wide desk is ideal for single seated positions while the 72" wide version can be used for either a dual seated set-up or as a single position with rack. Both models come standard with a 1-1/2" self-edged laminate top, cable trough and 12" ATU lift legs with casters or levelers. To personalize your desk, select from several popular options like an Ergotron articulating arm, cable reservoir, CPU sling or wedge top for control and interface cut outs.

ELCO™-60RL - MFI #50843™

This ELCO™-60RL is quick ship, height adjustable and ADA wheelchair accessible. The electric lift raises and lowers 12" and sits on locking casters. An optional sliding rack box was added for left or right orientation, providing ADA wheelchair accessible space next to it. The front includes an optional locking rear access panel for service while the plastic laminate surface includes an optional Egotron LX Desk arm mount and custom component. The floor includes holes for cable pass. Reference MFI #50843™

ELCO™-35RL - MFI #70333™

This ELCO™-35RL in Cocobala Melamine with matching Laminate top is shown with standard features. Reference MFI #70333™

ELCO™-72RL - MFI #10233™

This ELCO™-RL style desk comes standard with MLM-ATU height adjust legs, casters and a cable trough for storage. This 6' long desk includes a Black Laminate top with an optional Ergotron desktop arm for a 20" display and our compact cable reservoir. For this application, an optional rack box was added that can be positioned either to the left or right side by means of a hanging bracket below the surface. This design was implemented to allow for a multi-piece, multi- room universal design. The body is made in Asian Night Melamine which includes two removable locking access panels in the front for service while grommets on either side of the trough allow cords to pass to other furniture or power sources. The body acts as a cable trough and has holes in the bottom for cord travel to a floor box. The body is available in 13 stock melamine colors while the top can be specified in any of our 23 stock wood finishes or any commercially available plastic laminates. Reference MFI #10233™

ELCO™-35RL - MFI #49813™

This Quick Ship ADA Desk comes standard with MLM-ATU lift legs. The lift legs begin at seated height and raise 12" to standing height. In this example, cable trough was made in Slate Gray Melamine while the top was specified in Wild Cherry laminate. An optional medium cable reservoir was added to the surface for cable pass and power. Ships in 30 days. Reference MFI #49813™