ELCO™ Wall Rack Cabinets

ELCO™-VC-4RU - MFI #42633™

This ELCO™-VC-4RU in Maple Melamine is shown with standard features.


This highly engineered, well ventilated rack cabinet is the perfect solution to accommodate the audio, video and codec of your choice for your conference room system configurations. Its open back allows for access to existing wall power infrastructure and its floor has ( 3 ) cable entry points. The front includes a panel that is removable to gain entry to the internal equipment storage.

Used as a stand alone piece of furniture, it can be attached securely to the wall with a hanging cleat or sit on leveling feet. On the top of the rack, there is ample room for a camera with cabling access as well optional wire chase that allows for hiding monitor cabling into the cabinet.

Standard finish is white melamine but is also available in 13 other stock melamine colors for quick ship lead time. Other materials and finishes such as paint grade, wood veneers and high pressure laminates are available but fall into our custom lead time.


This wall mount rack cabinet holds 4 rack units. A frame allows the rack to slide out for assembly and service on a bench. Wiring access is through a large opening in the back. Ventilation, cable ports and a removable door make installation easy. Large cleats top and bottom attach the cabinet to the wall.