ARCO™ Series Credenzas

Low Profile and Standard Depths

1, 2 and 3+ Bay Width Sizes

The ARCO Series furniture credenzas bridge the gap between architecture and AV by offering a flexible aesthetic and variable storage solution for any interior space. Choose from standard depth designs where storage and AV rack is a commodity or low profile credenzas for a more space saving solution. The ARCO is available in several stock sizes with four architectural panel material choices to match your space.

The ARCO Series credenzas ship fully assembled with various lead times, which are determined by panel material choice.

  • 10 Day
  • 30 Day
  • 4-6 Weeks

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Our furniture is sold exclusively through AV Systems and Contract Furnishing dealers worldwide. See our Dealer List for one near you or we'll work with any dealer you choose.

ARCO-CR2 in Slate Grey Body with Asian Sun Melamine Finish Panels and Doors

Asian Sun Melamine Finish

ARCO-FCR3 in Black Body with White Melamine Finish Panels and Doors

ARCO™ FIT Style Low Profile Credenzas

ARCO™-FIT Style Low Profile Credenza - Front Open View ARCO™-FIT Style Low Profile Credenza - Front View

The ARCO FIT Low Profile Credenzas are a space saving solution with a reliable lead time and ability to match any architectural or interior spec. Shown above is our ARCO-FCR3.

ARCO™ CR Style Standard Depth Credenzas

ARCO™-CR Style Standard Depth Credenza - Front View ARCO™-CR Style Standard Depth Credenza - Front Open View

When your AV rack or storage specifications require more space, the ARCO CR delivers without compromising aesthetics or functionality. The ARCO-CR2 shown above is an example of a two bay solution.