Quick Ship Desks

ELCO-DSK-56 in Silver Frost Melamine Finish

SCM-640L in Maple Melamine Finish

ELCO-72RL in Asian Night Melamine Finish

Marshall Furniture offers a variety of Quick Ship multimedia desks and instructors stations. Several standardized styles are available for you to choose from, all designed to simplify the ordering process and support your AV technology, style and budget and simplify the ordering process. Our most popular, the ELCO Series, is available in several sizes and features height adjustment variations, which are perfect for ADA desk wheelchair accessibility requirements. Some of our other styles also offer a sit to stand desk option.

All Quick Ship desks ship in 30 days and come with a 10-year limited warranty. Contact Us and tell us more about your next project!

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ADA Furniture Solutions

ELCO™ Series Desks

Quick Ship ELCO™-ADA40 DeskQuick Ship ELCO™ Desk

Our ELCO Series desks are our most popular and versatile Quick Ship desk. They are able to perform in a multitude of functions and come as fixed height or a sit to stand desk. Two sizes are available in 24 melamine finish choices.


2 Styles/2 Sizes
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TRIO™ Series Desks

Quick Ship ELCO™-SCM-640 Desk 

The TRIO Series desk is a fixed-height desk with various options to accommodate technology and design requirements, including ADA wheelchair accessibility.


1 Styles/1 Size
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RISE™ Series Height Adjust Desks

Quick Ship ELCO™-35RL Desk Quick Ship ELCO™-RL60 DeskQuick Ship ELCO™-72RL Desk

The RISE Series Instructor Stations are the perfect Quick Ship furniture solution when ADA wheelchair accessibility and height adjustment are required. All RISE models come standard with an electric height adjust and are available in 24 melamine finish choices.


1 Style/3 Sizes
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