EXEC™ Series Lecterns

25" and 32" Width Sizes

The EXEC-25 and EXEC-32 are the perfect lectern choice when technology is limited but exposition matters. With its classic structure and traditional appearance in a variety of veneer finishes, the EXEC is designed to act as the focal point of a room and is often specified as a boardroom lectern or lecture hall lectern. Many optional add-ons are available to better suit your needs.

The EXEC-25 and EXEC-32 ship fully assembled in 23 wood veneer finishes. They are available in two different lead times based on finish selection.

  • 10 Day
  • 30 Day

EXEC Top Choices FD (Top Image) SD (Bottom Image)

EXEC-32FD in Honey Walnut Premium Wood Finish

EXEC-25FD in Natural Cherry Standard Wood Finish