RISE™ Series Instructor Stations

35", 60", 61" and 72" Width Sizes

The RISE Series instructor stations offer a cost-effective yet modern solution when you need ADA wheelchair accessibility and electric height adjustment in your space.  These adjustable ADA workstations come in two styles, in various sizes, so they can accommodate any AV equipment or user needs. They can be used as a single-seated desk or equipped with rack and surface components in larger sizes for instructors to use as an AV workstation.

The RISE Series ADA height-adjustable instructor stations are popular in higher education classrooms, training, and production spaces. All RISE Series workstations come with a 1" top that can effectively carry the weight of all your AV gear. You can opt for many different options, like articulating monitor arms, power ports, and logos. The RISE RL style can include a sliding rack box, which is a popular choice when the space requires an AV rack that needs to be raised and lowered with the instructor. If more rack is required, the RISE DUO Style has a separate rack cabinet.

You can customize your RISE Series ergonomic teaching station with many more options to fit your needs.

The RISE Series will ship fully assembled in 23 melamine colors.

  • 30 Day

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Our furniture is sold exclusively through AV Systems and Contract Furnishing dealers worldwide. Let us know if you are working with one, or we can help find one in your area.

ELCO-60RL in White Melamine Finish

ELCO-DUO61RL in Slate Grey Melamine Finish with Formica Wild Cherry Laminate Top

ELCO-72RL in Asian Night Melamine Finish

RISE™-RL Style

Quick Ship ELCO™-35RL Workstation - Back View Quick Ship ELCO™-35RL Workstation - Front ViewQuick Ship ELCO™-60RL Workstation - Back View Quick Ship ELCO™-60RL Workstation - Front View

The ELCO-35RL is used as a single seat. The ELCO-60RL and ELCO-72RL can be equipped with optional rack storage.

Adjustable Height Wheelchair Accessible


Quick Ship ELCO™-DUO 61RL Workstation - Back View Quick Ship ELCO™-DUO 61RL Workstation - Front View

The ELCO-DUO61RL is wheelchair accessible and includes a fixed height rack companion cabinet.

Adjustable Height Wheelchair Accessible